Information for Judges

Enhancing CAPA’s Judging System

CAPA is committed to ensuring the highest judging standards in its international, national, and zone competitions. To assist in maintaining those standards and ongoing improvement to CAPA’s judging system, and responding to members’ related observations in the 2019 national survey, the Board instituted a process to enhance efforts. These include the creation of the Judges’ Liaison Officer position to increase communications with judges, assist judges with questions regarding their roles and responsibilities, and aid in ensuring quality judges for competitions. Amongst measures to ensure judges are up to date with the art and craft of photography today and maintain judging standards, CAPA has created a small team of highly experienced senior judges to monitor the scores and comments over time given by judges in national competitions. CAPA’s policy on the monitoring of its judges is set out in the attached document below.

In addition, as part of initial efforts to improve support to judges, certified and trained, CAPA is:

  1. Updating its national database through a Judges Information questionnaire to all judges, to verify our information is up-to-date and accurate;
  2. Emphasizing the importance when judging on-line that each judge views the same image. CAPA highly recommends on-line judges use a quality, calibrated monitor. Below is a link to a document explaining these recommendations: “CAPA On-Line Judges Technical Viewing Requirements”. All judges are requested to familiarize themselves with these recommendations; and
  3. Amending its judges’ management system. It has updated the “Certification to Become a CAPA Judge” document. This describes the requirements and process for becoming a certified judge, the roles and responsibilities of both certified judges and trained judges, and how to maintain certified status. Below is a link to this updated CAPA document. CAPA recommends each judge familiarize themselves with its contents. In particular please take note of the requirement that certified judges must obtain renewed accreditation every 5 years to ensure they are up to date with the art and craft of photography today and are maintaining CAPA’s judging standards.

These documents [one is in bilingual format, one has a English and a French version, and two are available at this time in English only – the French version are under preparation] are on CAPA’s website. All CAPA members are welcome to access them for information. The links to the downloadable documents are:



The ongoing improvement of CAPA’s judging system is a team effort. This effort encompasses both judges and the Board.  We welcome any questions, concerns, and suggestions. Please feel free to contact the Judges’ Liaison Officer at Please use the word “Judges” in your e-mail header or subject title.