Competition Winners – 2018 Nature – Club

1st Place Merit Award - Nick Shearman's image "Anhinga With Prey"
2nd Place Merit Award - Evan Guengerich's image "Sibling Rivalry"
3rd Place Merit Award - Kathryn Martin's image  "Northern Gannet Pair"
Gold Medal - Elwood Lau's image "Red Fox With Prey"
Gold Medal - Irene Law Merganser's image "Catch A Big Fish"
Gold Medal - Jean King's image "Toad Last Moment"
Gold Medal - Katherine Wong's image "Fighting Zebras"
Gold Medal - Ray Fung's image "Butterfly Mating"
Gold Medal - Percy Lo's image "Bird Catch An Insect"
Silver Medal - Bill Boswell's image" Ibsis With Crab"
Silver Medal - Julie Hay's image "Testing The Water"
Silver Medal - Jim Hoover's image "Cape May Warbler Female"
Silver Medal- Laurie Milne's image "Bus Stop"
Silver Medal - Mary Chambers image entitled "Tigers With Kill"
Silver Medal - Bruce Laing's image "Tufted Titmouse"
Bronze Medal - Debbie Garbe's image "Dewy Morning"
Bronze Medal - Heather Engel's image "Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar"
Bronze Medal - James Thomson's "Easter Wood Pewee"
Bronze Medal - David Seldon's "Grizzlies Wrestling"
Bronze Medal - Kathryn Martin's image "Northern Gannet Pair"
Bronze Medal - Brian Floyd's image "Fogy Morning Great Blue Heron"
1st Place Botany - Fred Greene's image entitled "Showy Ladyslippers"
2nd Place Botany Award - Bruce Gunion's "Mycena Fungi Group "
3rd Place Botany Award - Dale Eurich's "Fairy Houses"

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold MedalThe Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto

Silver MedalLondon Camera Club

Bronze MedalTrillium Photographic Club

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awards:

  • 1st – Nick Shearman’s image “Anhinga With Prey”
  • 2nd – Evan Guengerich’s image “Sibling Rivalry”
  • 3rd – Kathryn Martin’s image “Northern Gannet Pair

Botany Certificate:

  • 1st – Fred Greene’s image “Showy Ladyslippers”
  • 2nd – Bruce Gunion’s image “Mycena Fungi Group”
  • 3rd – Dale Eurich’s image “Fairy Houses”

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the hosting club – Richmond Hill Camera Club.

CAPA, ACAPA Nature Club winners for the 2018 Nature competition
Club competition Gold winners: The Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto. From left to right: Elwood Lau, Jean King, Frankie Chan (CAPA Rep.), Edwin Ho (Club President), Irene Law, Ray Fung. missing: Katherine Wong and Percy Lo
1st Nick Shearman "Anhinga with Prey"
Richmond Hill Camera Club CAPA Representative presented the 1st place certificate of merit for the CAPA Nature Club competition to Nick Shearman