Competition Winners – 2019 Monochrome – Club

1st Merit Animal Fred Greene Egret In Upward Flight
1st Merit Architecture Helene Voyer Monter Au Ciel
1st Merit Landscape - Paul Yi - Fishing Village Of Greenland
1st Merit People James Cuthbert Julia The Ballerina
1st Merit Plant Rob Patterson Gerbera
2nd Merit Animal Christopher Siou Morning Lioness
2nd Merit Architecture Pat Zuest  At Prayer In The Casablanca Mosque
2nd Merit Landscape Lynn Fulton Steptoe Butte
2nd Merit People Marg Foley The Artist
2nd Merit Plant Tanya Elson Poppy And Promises
3rd Merit Animal Stephen Peel Looking Out
3rd Merit Architecture Doug Doede Spadina House Bathroom
3rd Merit Landscape Lois Burton Falling Light
3rd Merit People Bill McDonald Soul Man
3rd Merit Plant Linda Rosen Water Lily
Gold Medal Christopher Siou Morning Lioness B W
Gold Medal Linda Rosen Water Lily
Gold Medal James Cuthbert Julia The Ballerina
Gold Medal Mark Nelson   Twisted Towers
Gold Medal Pat Zuest   At Prayer In The Casablanca Mosque
Gold Medal Tom Hsiao Invertes Cross
Silver Medal Arjuna Somaskandan The Lonely Soldier
Silver Medal Jonathan Ward Cable Car Osorno Volcano
Silver Medal Paul Brown Suspended Walkway
Silver Medal Theresa Moore Oyster Mushroom
Silver Medal Irvin Benovich Under The Esplanade Bridge
Silver Medal Kuvinder Singh Pyramid And Flow
Bronze Medal Donat Lemay Sans Mot
Bronze Medal Anne Marion A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
Bronze Medal Benoit Desjardins Reflexion Sur Soi
Bronze Medal Helene Voyer Monter Au Ciel
Bronze Medal Marie Marcoux Constellation
Bronze Medal Yves Taschereau -Top Of The Dubai Tower
Honour #4 Bernard Legault Metropol Parasol
Honour #4 - Josee Boyer Banquise
Honour #4 Peter Szobries  Musee De Quebec
Honour #4 Rheal Masse Cables Et Lacets
Honour #4 Richard Brunet Stade
Honour #4 Andre Lefran  Ois  Face A Face
Honour #5 Clayton Reitzel Life In The Shadows
Honour #5 George Cates Memoir
Honour #5 Robert Simpson That Was A Good Parade!
Honour #5 Sheila Holzer At Rest
Honour #5 Lorian Kennedy Time For Gas
Honour #5 Vincent Morban Give Me An A
Honour #6 Donna Christie Going Home
Honour #6 Evan Guengerich Icons Reflecting In The Night
Honour #6 Lois Burton Falling Light
Honour #6 Peter Reid Down And Out
Honour #6 Richard Webber Left Alone
Honour #6 Steve Barber Chef In Brussels
Honour #7 Alain B  Langer Juice Bar
Honour #7 Benoit Larochelle Take A  Deep Breath
Honour #7 Claude Rivard   Going Up Or  Down Je Monte Ou Tu Descends
Honour #7 Fanny Grimard La Vie Est Mieux Quand Je Suis Avec Mon Chien!
Honour #7 Francine Raymond Higher And Higher Un Peu Plus Haut
Honour #7 Nancy Ouellet Felling Light
Honour #8 Bill McDonald   Soul Man
Honour #8 Bonnie Schaffer Tree Of Life
Honour #8 CarolineLajoie Morning Mist
Honour #8 Julie Seiler Winter Morning
Honour #8 Karen VonKnobloch Forlorn
Honour #8 Lynn Fulton Steptoe Butte

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal- Toronto Camera Club

Silver Medal – Toronto Digital Photography Club

Bronze Medal – Club photo de Boucherville

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awards:

Congratulations to the winners.