Zone Director Lynda Miller

I am a Prairie gal who came to the Okanagan area nearly 20 years ago. Shortly after settling into life here, I discovered photography at a workshop called OPAW.

I realized there were other people who connected with a photo club and my journey has continued.

Over the years I become more involved in photography by taking photo workshops and studying books on editing, as well as volunteering for positions in our local photo club (COPS). I also help non-profit organizations by photographing events and putting my computer knowledge to use preparing designs for heritage organization and signs.

I joined CAPA when I recognized where it sat as an organization that promoted photography throughout Canada. It brought together clubs and individuals from across Canada and other places. The first CCC I attended was in Nanaimo, quite a few years ago. What a feat for one club to produce, and it was done with the guidance and support of CAPA. There was so much I learned at that one weekend. I became the District Representative for the Central Interior for about 8 years before taking on the Zone Director position for the Pacific Zone.

My passion still starts with my camera and I have discovered flowers, landscapes, still life photography and more. Recently while attending a workshop with Chris Harris and Dennis Ducklow, I discovered the excitement of using my camera to create Multiple Exposure images and Abstract photography! This is an exciting time of exploring and experimenting. I hope my enthusiasm is contagious and will be passed on to my DR’s and zone members.

The Pacific Zone is large, distances between communities often huge. There is an 8 hour drive for one of our Northern District representative. Some of our Districts are only one club. I am confident that working as a Zone we will continue to grow and promote the art of photography to everyone.