Speakers Series – Nov.2023 – Wayne Fisher

CAPA Speakers Series

CAPA presents via Zoom : Wayne Fisher

English presentation : Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2023

Pacific 4:00 PM – Mountain 5:00 PM – Central 6:00 PM – Eastern 7:00 PM – Atlantic 8:00 PM (Canada)

Theme/topic of the presentation: Art Meets Architecture

In this presentation, viewers will discover a range of techniques for capturing architecture in a truly impactful manner. In addition, Wayne will delve into the importance of perspective and explore the optimal equipment for architectural photography.

Wayne hails from South Africa and says that this background, growing up with a strict adherence to rules, has had a profound influence on his photography and has influenced how his personal style has diverged away from the conventional approach to architectural photography.
Moreover, Wayne will delve into the realm of post processing techniques, unveiling the secrets that bring the viewer into a captivating glimpse of Wayne’s world.

Please join Waye as he shares his personal journey of architectural exploration, minimalism, and the power of visual storytelling.

Wayne’s website is https://www.fisherphotoinc.ca

Available to Individual CAPA members via the members only section of the website. Please login, go to Members > Zoom Invitation, copy and save the Zoom link before the presentation.

Speaker's Bio

Wayne Fisher

Wayne Fisher is a professional photographer based in Thornhill, Ontario, who possesses a unique and innovative approach to Architectural Photography.

With a discerning eye, he dissects his subjects, highlighting their most significant elements and brings them to the forefront. Wayne is not only an accomplished artist but also an esteemed educator. His work has garnered international recognition, being featured in prestigious publications such as Chizz Magazine, Collector Book/New perspectives by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, and Flowers of Monet: 180th Anniversary of Claude Monet in 2021.

A significant milestone in Wayne’s career was representing Canada at the World
Photographic Cup 2020 in the commercial category.

Wayne’s talent and expertise have been widely acknowledged, and he has had the opportunity to present his
captivating architectural and minimalist photographs to esteemed audiences, including Panasonic Canada.

Enjoy a selection of Wayne’s works below.