Sheldon Boles, FCAPA

Sheldon first picked up a 35mm camera in high school and later did some darkroom work with a professional photographer.

His experience with cameras evolved from film (Nikon Spotmatic and Canon AE-1 to the Canon digital systems.

Sheldon has capture images in his various moves across Canada as well as his trips to Africa, Europe, Central America and throughout North America.

In joining CAPA in 2011, he quickly accepted the role of a Competition Coordinator for several competitions and later became the CAPA Director of Competitions. In this role, he has coordinated and managed many national and international competitions.

With his experience as a webmaster, Sheldon was selected to be on the CAPA new website development team.

In 2017, Sheldon was awarded the Fellowship Honor (FCAPA) in recognition of exceptional photographic achievement and service to the Canada Association for Photographic Art.

Recently, Sheldon also took on the responsibilities of CAPA’s Competition Standards Chairperson.