Sheena Wilkie

Sheena Wilkie

Communications Director – Sheena Wilkie, FCAPA, Hon FCAPA

Sheena Wilkie has a 35-year background in Communications, both in traditional and New Media. She has worked as a communications expert with such organizations as Canadian Blood Services, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Air Canada, the Canadian Football League, the Olympic Integrated Security Unit, and others.

Over the years her love of storytelling has embraced many channels, beginning with writing, speaking, and eventually including all types of visual art. She fell in love with photography as another way of telling people’s stories and went on to become a professional portrait photographer.

Sheena is an enthusiastic participant in the global photography community. She is a passionate artist who enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. Wilkie is also an experienced and skilled public speaker, instructor, and judge.

Sheena is the former Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Camera magazine, the former CAPA Web Manager, as well as a certified CAPA  judge. She has been awarded a Fellowship and is an Honorary Member in the Canadian Association for Photographic Art.

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