September 2023 Competition Update

September 2023 Competition Updates

2023 Annual Photo Challenge

For this competition, we received a total of 309 images from 99 entrants.

You can view the winning images from this competition here

2023 Four Nations Competition

For this competition, our 80 CAPA images were submitted into four categories: Open (35 images), Nature (15 images), Monochrome (15 images) and My Country (15 images).

You can view the results of this competition and the winning images here

All CAPA 80 entrants have been advised of these results.

Updated the Judging Criteria

Based on suggestions received in our 2023 CAPA survey, I worked with Glenn to update our standardized Judging Criteria.

The new Judging Criteria now states as follows:

  • An Image’s title may be used by the judges in evaluating a submission, so entrants should take care in selecting a title that complements or contributes to the vision or message being presented in the image.
  • The judges will assign scores primarily based on the ‘emotional’ components of the image, considering values such as creativity and emotional impact. Secondary emphasis will be place on the ‘technical’ aspects, followed by considerations of the ‘composition’.
  • Technical and Organizational factors, such as exposure, sharpness, focus, space, and composition, will be taken into account solely to the degree they do or do not support or reinforce the creative vision and storytelling. Images will not be penalized in scoring for so-called technical rule infractions, such as focus, if that is immaterial to the creative vision and storytelling.

Likewise, judges take into consideration in their scoring the degree to which the entrant’s use of techniques such as colour, monochrome, duo and multi-tone, contributes to or supports the creative vision and the story telling value of the image.

Competitions Made More Concise

Another suggestion from our 2023 CAPA survey was to make the competitions more precise. This suggestion has been applied to all our competitions.

October 2023 to May 2024 Competitions

The following competitions are now open for the uploading of images:

Translation Concern Identified & Corrected

It has been pointed out that our Nature competition contained an incorrect translation from English to French. The specific word was feral.

To correct this translation issue, the following statement has been added to the Nature and Wildlife themes:

No domestic or escaped animals or birds are permitted in this theme (e.g. horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, camels, pigs, chickens, etc…).

Please note that there some revisions and further explanations for the 2023-24 competitions: