Ronald Mullins, DR Pacific Zone

Ronald is the past District Representative for Central Interior British Columbia. Ron stepped down due to an unexpected family event.

Ron Mullins

Ronald Mullins, Imagineer

Melding… The Art and Science of Photography and Aviation

Born in Ontario’s Ottawa Valley, and not unlike many teenagers, Ron was unsure what his career vocation should be. Thanks to the manager at a newly minted TV station he got his first job and it wasn’t long before his aptitude for framing a shot surfaced. Now, after a career as a cinematographer and television director that has spanned over five decades, he is still most content with a camera in hand.
As far back as memory will allow, he has also been fascinated by aircraft. He recalls, as a young lad, stopping and looking skyward as that distinctive roar of the radial engine signaled a formation of bright yellow Harvards passing overhead.

Over the years this fascination with aircraft has been combined with his passion for photographic composition. Studying the expertise of internationally recognized aviation photographers Ron continually strives to meld the art and science of aviation with photography.

It is a distinct honour to be selected as the CAPA District Representative for the Central Interior District of British Columbia. Ron looks forward to meeting photographers of all abilities while promoting the many benefits and activities of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art.

Ron resides with his family in West Kelowna, British Columbia. To see a sampling of Ron’s photography you are invited to visit