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Photomotion 2018

The Pacific Digital Photography Club presented PHOTOMOTION 2018 on November 17 at the Inlet Theater in Port Moody, British Columbia. PHOTOMOTION is now recognized as the premier photographic event on the Canadian west coast which showcases award winning photography to an audience of 320 patrons.

PHOTOMOTION is a compendium of club members’ digital slide/sound shows and is a professional multimedia event consisting of audio/visual slideshow presentations with special effects, created by award-winning photographers. Shows included a selection of 22 juried audio-visual presentations approximately 3 to 4 minutes in duration. Contents of the shows were set by individual photographers and were juried for quality by a panel of CAPA judges.

Highlights of the presentations included:
• Stunning images projected from a 10,000 lumens projector in full HD on a 20’ screen
• 6 channel Dolby surround sound
• Matinee and evening shows
• Show commentary by a master of ceremonies
• Guest photographer Anthony Bucci
• Over $3,000 in door prizes.

PHOTOMOTION 2019 is scheduled for Saturday, November 16 at the Inlet Theater in Port Moody. CAPA, ACAP member club presentation of Photomotion-2018 CAPA, ACAP member club presented Photomotion 2018 in Port Moody, BC

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