Photo Journalism Club Competition Tie-breaking Form

When you click on an image thumbnail, it will open the image in a separate window and you should arrange the two windows so that you can view the entire image within the image window and the scoring form in the other window. The scoring window is flexible and may be narrowed substantially if necessary.

The images are sized at a maximum pixel dimension of 1400 wide and 1050 high. This is the maximum size that they will appear on your monitor. Please do not zoom to enlarge them and ensure there are no scroll bars in the window in which the image appears otherwise you will not be viewing the entire image in that window.

Recommended viewing distance from the monitor is 24″.

These four images are tied for a placement for single scoring images. Please make your selections by ranking them 1st through 4th choice.
Be sure to click the “Save All” button to save your selections on our server.

Email when you have completed your selections.

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