Pacific Zone District Rep Janet Slater

Janet Slater is an avid photographer, who is continually working to improve and challenge herself to capture colour and composition that reflects both beauty and a vignette of thought and emotion. 

Janet’s photography journey began in 2013 with the gift of her first DSLR. With little background in photography but a lifetime of interest in creating beauty through her numerous craft hobbies, she took courses in both pre and post production to learn the technical aspects of photography so that she could properly focus her artistic inspiration. She joined the Langley Camera Club in 2014 and used the monthly photo challenges as a vehicle to get feedback on how to improve both her  technique and composition. Janet also volunteered her time to the club, assisting in various positions.  She later became a member of CAPA and her photo submissions have won numerous awards and a colour printer. Her passion for photography covers many genres including long exposure, architecture, b+w, still life, infrared and landscape. Janet uses her technical skills in post-processing and a keen eye for timing and composition to focus her artistic inspiration while constantly evolving through experimentation and researching different styles.   

In 2018, Janet relocated to the Sunshine Coast (Sechelt) and became a member of the Sunshine Coast Camera Club, quickly becoming part of the executive. In Sept, 2018 she took on the role of the CAPA District Representative for the Sunshine Coast district. She is enjoying promoting the objectives of CAPA on the Sunshine Coast by encouraging the growth of photography and providing CAPA assistance to its affiliated Sunshine Coast  Camera Club.   In Sept 2021 Janet took over the role as the President for the Sunshine Coast Camera Club.  As well, Janet continues to be an active member of the Langley Camera Club  

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