Message from the President

Message from the President, March, 2019

Rod Trider, president of Canadian Association for Photographic Art
CAPA President: Rod Trider

The joy of travel photography!

I have been fortunate to have traveled to many countries around the world, visiting six of the seven continents. The only missing “piece” is Australia, but that’s on “The List.”

If you are like me, I started off lugging a ton of gear – two or three camera bodies, several prime lenses, filters, tripod, laptop, etc. Times and gear change. On a long trip, I still take an extra body and a small laptop for backup, but once on location I carry the minimum. That generally means
one body with a zoom lens, a spare battery and cards in my camera strap, a lens cleaning pen and a small white balance card.

Yes, I sometimes miss the quality of the prime lens, but with a quality zoom, I know I’ll get the image and I can carry my gear all day. I am a huge fan of in-camera stabilization, which makes a world of difference.

Travel is about the opportunity to be immersed in other cultures, the traditions, the tastes, the smells and, of course, the food. I am rarely without a camera in hand, but I am always reminding myself to lower the camera and take in what is happening around me.

Experiencing the moment and being able to tell the story that goes with the image is my goal.

Some of my best images are from when I have “travelled” close to home. The moment you step out your door, you are travelling. One does not need to go around the world to have great experiences. Sometimes it is just down the street.

Photography is all about observing and experiencing new things. We are fortunate to live in a vast country with a large variety of landscapes and cultural diversity to be enjoyed. Just step out the door.

I hope to meet up with you in Calgary for CCC2019 in July.

Rod Trider, FCAPA