May 2021 Prairie Zone News

Foundations for the Future Charter Academy works with CAPA

During the winter semester of school, the Foundations for the Future Charter Academy reached out to CAPA with a request for a presenter to help with the Grade 7 and 8 classes and their photography electives. The school includes a photography class in which they learn basic photography skills for their cameras, cell phones, and tablets. The students have class time to learn and practice composition and general topics. The academy reached out to CAPA to assist the instructors with new and sample images to help the students. Working with the instructors of the sessions, the Prairie Zone Director, Dan Sigouin created a presentation on using natural light to create images. The presentations were delivered online and dealt with direct, side, back, overcast/shade and low lighting scenarios. The sessions were very interactive with explanations of the lighting, sample images and lots of time for questions. The students asked great questions during the presentations and were very interested in night landscape images as well as water drop photographs in Dan’s portfolio.  It was a rewarding experience to work with the Foundations for the Future Charter Academy and hopefully the students are able to submit sample images that can be included in a future newsletter.

The Prairie Region 2021 Competition

The Prairie Region 2021 competition has closed and received over 100 images. The response from the zone has been very positive regarding the competition with a significant increase in submissions. We look forward to sharing the image gallery and medal announcements in the June newsletter.