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March 2024 Competitions Update

March 2024 Competitions Update

Updated Eligibility Criteria and All Competition Editing Criteria

In order to enhance clarity regarding Artificial Intelligence, we have revised the following statements across both our CAPA Eligibility Criteria webpage and all competition editing criteria:

  • Images that involve the use of AI generative techniques like in-painting (where AI generates pixels to fill in missing parts or removes and replaces selected element from the original photograph then using replace it with pixel element from the AI’s generative dataset) or out-painting (where the AI extends the image beyond its original boundaries by generating new elements) are not permitted for submission into CAPA competitions, regardless of whether text prompts were used or not.
  • The Director of Competitions has the right to request and receive the original un-retouched JPEG or RAW file for a potential winning image in a competition for the purposes of verifying competition compliance.
  • Upon notification that their image is a potential winning entry, photographers may be required by the Director of Competitions to submit all original images, such as un-retouched JPG or RAW files, along with other image files that were integrated into the submitted image.
  • Failure to comply with the Director’s request for image files will result in the potential winning image being withdrawn from the competition and the competition results will be re-sorted.

These requirements are designed to promote transparency and validate compliance with competition’s specifications regarding image authenticity and adherence to the editing criteria. 

Furthermore, I have created a document entitled “CAPAs Stance on AI-Generated Image in Photo Competitions.”  This document serves as a comprehensive response to numerous inquiries we have received concerning artificial intelligence in the context of oru photographic competitions.  You can view this document here – (English) (French


Competitions Now Open For Uploading Images

Images can now be opened to the following competitions:


Artistic Competition

Winning Images can be viewed here:

Music Competitions

Winning Images can be viewed here:

Colour Competitions

Winning Images can be viewed here:


Competition reports have been posted to the Competition Results.  To view them, you must log into the CAPA website and navigate to the Competition Report option located on the Competitions dropdown menu.  If the Competitions Report option is not displaced in this dropdown menu, you are not logged into the website.


2023 CAPA Survey Suggestions Related to Competitions and Our Responses

In a proactive approach to carefully evaluate and implement a multitude of suggestions aimed at improving our competitions and processes, we will created documents which summaries suggestions and our responses.

The following is a listing of suggestions and response which are now available for your review:

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