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Kayla Stevenson receives FCAPA

Kayla Stevenson
Kayla Stevenson receives her FCAPA designation from Sheldon Boles. Photo by Carla Hamilton.

Thank you for permitting me to make this presentation tonight to Kayla Stevenson.

In her teen years, Kayla became interested in photography using her Kodak Brownie to record family outings.

She has evolved from film to the digital world with her current collection of image capturing devices – Canon 7D Mark II, Sony A6000 and iphone X.

Kayla’s love for photography and travel have been an excellent combination. She has won many local, regional and nation awards for her outstanding photography.

To enhance her interest in photography, Kayla is an active member in both the Clear Focus Camera Club and the Langley Camera Club. On many occasions, she has volunteered to make presentations to share her experience and knowledge to many.

Her volunteering has greatly contributed to promoting photography locally and nationally. Kayla volunteered postions include:

  • Web Design and Webmaster for the Langley Camera Club
  • Served two terms as the Co-President of the Clear Focus Camera
  • CAPA website gallery manager (2012 – 2017)
  • Member of Communications Committee & Website Assistant for the CAPA Photo Expo in 2015
  • Member of the new CAPA website Committee in 2017
  • CAPA’s Director of Membership for the past three years and a respected member of the CAPA Board of Directors

In 2015, she was awarded the CAPA Associate Fellowship Honour (ACAPA) based on her photographic achievements and contributions.

Then in 2019, Kayla participated in our new ‘judges-in-training’ program and met all requirements which resulted in her being designated as a Certified CAPA Judge.

In late 2019, the CAPA Honours Committee received a nomination to recognize the outstanding and tireless efforts of Kayla Stevenson to promote CAPA membership across Canada. Her professional and initiative is an inspiration to others.

On behalf of the CAPA Board of Directors, I am pleased to present Kayla with her Fellowship Honour Certificate (FCAPA) and pin. The FCAPA designation and certificate is awarded for exceptional photographic achievement and photographic service to the Canadian Association for Photograph Art (CAPA).

Congratuations Kayla

Sheldon Boles

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