Kayla Stevenson, FCAPA

Kayla has been a photographer since her teen years when she proudly used her first camera, a Kodak ‘Brownie’ to record a family trip to the Grand Canyon. Since then the technology and her gear have changed many times, but her enthusiasm for photography has not.

She loves to travel and has the good fortune and good health to be able to travel all over the world, including many trips to Africa, her favourite place for adventure and wildlife photography.


More recently, her journey has taken her more towards artistic interpretations of her images, both in camera and in her digital darkroom, always exploring and learning new ways to present her photographic stories.

An active volunteer, Kayla serves on the Executive of the Langley Camera Club. She is also a CAPA Certified Judge. She has been a member of CAPA since 2010 and currently serves on the National Board as Director of Membership.

Please contact Kayla at membershipdirector@capacanada.ca

Enjoy a selection of Kayla’s works below.

This Way Fo Shore
Someone Is Still Awake
 MG 1588 Edit
 MG 2577 Edit
Sunrise At Cape Bonavista
Stump Amongst The Bunchberries
Heading For Water
Patagonia 7832 HDR Edit
Cattedrale Di Santa Maria Del Fiore
Survival In An Arid World