June 2018

Our monthly Competition News is aimed at providing all CAPA members and camera clubs with timely information relating to our competitions.

For this month, we have included information below under the appropriate title.

2018 Close-Up Competition

This competition was extremely popular and many outstanding images were submitted:

1 – Club category: 162 image from 25 clubs

2 – Individual category: 248 images from 63 CAPA members

Many thanks to the three CAPA judges: Sunchie Yang, Bharat Mistry and Leonie Holmes.

For the Club category, three camera clubs received CAPA medals:

1 – Gold Medal – Toronto Digital Photography Club 

2 – Silver Medal – Richmond Hill Camera Club

3 – Bronze Medal – Burnaby Photographic Society

You can view the  winning images on our Winners – Club webpage here.

CAPA members were also awarded CAPA medals for the individual category: 

1 – Gold Medal – Rick McKenzie of Dundas, Ont.

2 – Silver Medal – Lance Gitter of Thornhill, Ont.

3 – Bronze Medal – Yun Wang of Burlington, Ont.

You can check out their winning images on our Winners – Individual webpage here.

The final competition reports have been loaded onto our website.  You can be view these reports only after logging into the website with your username/password and by selecting the Competition Reports option on the Competitions dropdown menu.  If you cannot see the Competition Reports submenu then you are still not logged into the website.  

Each of these reports are now in our new bilingual format.  This format will continue to be enhanced and we seek your suggestions on how it can be improved.

Uploaded Presentation Photographs

Over the past few months, we have received and uploaded photographs of entrants being awarded their CAPA Awards.  You can check out these photographers below by selecting the respective hyperlink:

If you have a presentation photograph which has not yet been uploaded to our website, please forward the image and details to our Director of Competitions at competitions@capacanada.ca.

Importance Of Reading & Complying With All Competition Details

In the past few months, we have had four different categories of image disqualifications: 

A – watermark contained on a submitted image;

B – name of the photographer on the lower right corner of the image;

C – same image was submitted in both the ‘individual’ and ‘club’ categories of competition 

D – submitted image had previously received a CAPA award

To avoid the embarrassment of having your image disqualified, it is important that you ready and comply with all the details on the respective competition page prior to submitting your images into a CAPA competition.  Each competition page also has a hyperlink to our CAPA Eligibility Criteria  and the details of this webpage must also be adhered to

If you are unsure of your images has received a CAPA award or wondering if your image is acceptable for a competition, you can email our Director of Competitions at competitions@capacanada.ca.

2018 Four Nations Competition – Selected 80 Top Images 

We have selected the top 80 images for CAPA’s submission to the international 2018 Four Nations Competition.  

These images were selected from our top images from our October 2017 – April 2018 competitions.  The noted selection was made by three separate teams of CAPA judges.

The photographer of each selected image has been contacted and they have us their permission to include their image in this competition. 

All images will be uploaded on June 24, 2018.  During the summer, all submitted images from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa will be judged by three internationally recognized judges.

Competition results will be received sometime prior to September 1, 2018.  

Forthcoming 2018-2019 Competition Cycle

We have posted on our competition for the 2018 -2019 competition cycle and they can be viewed here.  Check on our Competition News in September 2018 for any changes or enhancements to these competitions.

 Questions, Suggestions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of CAPA competitions, please email our Director of Competitions at competitions@capacanada.ca.