January 2018

Our monthly Competition News is aimed at providing all CAPA members and camera clubs with timely information relating to our competitions.

For this month, we have included information below under the appropriate title.

Posted Final Competition Reports & Winning Images

The final reports for all our Fall 2017 competitions are now posted on our Competition Reports webpage. 

To view these results, a CAPA members or camera club representative must first login to our website with the appropriate username and password.  Once logged in, select the Competition Reports option found on the Competitions dropdown menu. 

If the Competition Reports option is not included then you are not logged in. 

Winning images for the Fall 2017 competitions are now included on the appropriate webpage:

Winners – Club  

– Winners – Individual

Comment From Judges

Based on judging our Photo Journalism competition, Glenn Springer (CAPA Judge) provided his suggestions to all photographers: 

I’m trying to think, “If I had just one suggestion for makers entering competitions, it would be…”?

– “your picture needs to tell a story”.

But you need to have your other ducks in a row too…

– What’s the subject? If the viewer doesn’t see the subject in the first 3/10ths of a millisecond, forget it.

– The obvious technical stuff. Focus, exposure, composition, no unintended artifacts and so on. Always take a last walk around your image before hitting “send”.

Remember that the judges are human too. Some of them are deathly afraid of spiders. Others hate cats. Although they try to be objective, in the real world that’s tough. Take their comments as constructive criticism and learn by them. Or just laugh!

Reminder For All Competitions

Prior to entering a CAPA competition, it is essential to read and comply with all the terms and conditions outlined in the competition.

In the event you are unsure if your image falls within the scope of the competition, please email the respective Competition Host well in advance of the ‘closing-day’ of the competition.

For our Fall 2017 competitions, several images were disqualified for the following reasons: 

– same image entered in both the “Individual” and “Club” competitions
– human element was contained in a Nature competition submission
– exceeding the restricted editing criteria
– watermark on the image
– image did not fall within the scope of the competition

Forthcoming 2018 Competition

As a reminder, we have two forthcoming competitions in January and February:

Black & White Competition

Creative Altered Reality

 Club Enquires About Digital Projectors

We have had a couple enquires on what would be the most appropriate and economical digital projector for camera clubs.

Dr. Robert Ito (CAPA Director of Photographic Imaging) has provided the following comments about digital projectors:

Very few projectors are ideal for projecting digital images.   Projector should be a sRGB compliant device having a display resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.  If the projector specifications do not include sRGB then it is not sRGB compliant.

The Optima projectors have 8 business class (XGA and WXGA) projects with sRGB in the specifications and one Home Theatre (1920 x 1080) projector (EH345) in the offerings.  Canon does have a sRGB compliant projector – LX-MU500.  However this projector is likely too bright for camera clubs.