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Janet Slater Awarded FCAPA

In recognition of her high standard of photographic achievement and service to CAPA, the CAPA Honours Committee has awarded Janet Slater with the distinction of Fellowship in the Canadian Association for Photographic Art – FCAPA.

This is a  high honour. It is because of committed and dedicated people like Janet Slater, who share their energy and expertise with others, that CAPA can continue our services to photographers, and also to see growth in the understanding of photographic art among the general public.

Janet  is an avid photographer, working to improve and challenge herself, capturing colour and composition, to reflect both beauty and emotion.  Her photographic journey began 7 years ago. With no background in photography but a lifetime of interest in creating beauty through her numerous crafts, Janet took courses to learn the technical aspects of photography so that she could properly focus her artistic intentions. She joined the Langley Camera Club in 2014 and joined the Sunshine Coast Camera Club in 2018 . Janet Slater is the CAPA District Representative for the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.

Please enjoy a selection of Janet’s work below. Congratulations Janet Slater!

Janet Slater   Chewin The Fat
Janet Slater   Chillin + Smokin
Janet Slater   Gaining Power
Janet Slater   Hiding In Plain View
Janet Slater   Jessica
Janet Slater   Lions Gate Bridge
Janet Slater   Mormon Temple
Janet Slater   Silence
Janet Slater   Submerged Vatican Staircase
Janet Slater   The Waterdrop Wedding Dance

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