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Introducing the Pacific Zone Challenge!

There is a new competition available for Pacific Zone clubs and Individual members!


Accepting entries:  August 1, 2020

Closing date:  midnight October 1, 2020

Two challenges

  • Club Challenge– submissions from participating Pacific Zone Club members

Total 6 images from 6 different club members

  • Individual Challenge– Individual CAPA paid up membership

Total 4 images from each CAPA member


  • Open – images submitted can come from a wide range of topics
  • Let’s see your very best images!

Editing Criteria

  • All different in-camera, on-camera and post-processing techniques can be used. This includes combining multiple images and elements in a final image. You must have taken all components of the final image.
  • Digital frame, pin-line, borders and mats are permitted. Colour, monochrome, infra-red and HDR images will be accepted.
  • Process your image/s to your satisfaction, and include multiple elements. You are the muse


  • No images that have previously received a CAPA Award shall be re-submitted to this competition.
  • No watermarks containing the name of the photographer and/or name of the camera club
  • All images will be pre-screened prior to the commencement of the judging process to minimize the number of disqualified images such as – watermarks are not include on the face of the image, each image has a title, name of photographer or club name is not contained in the upload Title field, etc… For questionable images, you will be contacted and encouraged to make the necessary changes.

 Image Specifications

  • Pixel dimensions: Maximum width 1400 pixels and maximum height 1050 pixels.  Neither dimension will exceed either the height or width specs.
  • Image format: jpg
  • Maximum file size: 8 MB.
  • Colour space recommended: sRGB.
  • It is recommended you calibrate your monitor so our judges will see your image as you do!
  • File naming: Your_Name-Name_of_Your_Photo.jpg

An example:  Lynda_Miller-Wild_abstract_flower.jpg

  • Each image submitted must have a different file name and must NOT be called “untitled”. Remember too, NO numbers!
  • Consider if your image title contributes to the message you present in your image submitted. Our judges are asked to consider this in their scoring.
  • During the uploading process, do not enter the name of the photographer and/or camera club in the Title field. The details contained in the Title field are what is presented to the judges along with the image.

Upload Instructions

  • Login to the CAPA website and select the Competition Submissions from the Competitions dropdown menu. By doing so, you will be presented with a listing of competitions.
  • Locate the Pacific Zone Open at the top of the list of competitions. If you are uploading images for a club then double-click on the Open under the CLUB title and you will be presented with the uploading of images webpage.
  • For individual CAPA members, you will select the Open under the Individual title on the Competition Submissions webpage and you will be presented with the uploading of images webpage.
  • Upload your images as you would for a regular CAPA national competition.
  • Logoff the CAPA website after you receive a message that the upload process has been successful.
  • If you have questions or concerns about the uploading of images, please email Sheldon Boles at


Please read and follow these instructions carefully, because; if your submissions do not comply with the criteria set out, our system is unable to accept them.

This is a competition for our CAPA Pacific Zone club and Individual members.  Other than this,   our criteria are the same as for the regular CAPA competitions.  CAPA has provided medals, ribbons and certificates for the winning images.

If you have questions about the competition please contact Pacific Zone Director Lynda Miller at


Photo by – Carla-Hamilton, Lake Louise – CAPA 3rd Merit Landscape

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