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International Salon of Photography Results

Once again, the 126th International Salon of Photography, hosted by CAPA member club Toronto Camera Club, was a great success.

This internationally recognized competition closed on November 12, 2019 and received photos from top photographers in countries around the world including: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam and Wales.

The salon consisted of six sections: Nature, Pictorial Open (Colour), Pictorial Open (Mono), Photojournalism, Print Open (Colour) and Prints Open (Mono). Each section had its own judging panel. There were 227 medals and ribbons awarded.

Congratulations to the following CAPA members who received awards:


  • IIana Block’s image “For Kit Surprise Pounce” – FIAP Gold Medal
  • He Zhao’s image “Spiral Staircase” – IAAP Gold Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “A Family” – FIAP Silver Medal
  • Suzanne Huot’s image “Cheetah Mothers Prize” – PSA Silver Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “Flying Flamingos Over The Lake” – CAPA Bronze Medal
  • IIana Block’s image “Silver Phase Red Fox With Dinner In The Rain” – CAPA Ribbon
  • John Lyon’s image “Western Bluebird Pair” – CAPA Ribbon
  • Robert Parker’s image “Feeding Frenzy” – IAAP Ribbon
  • Wenjun Jin’s image “Flying Over Dreams” – IAAP Ribbon
  • Claude Gauthier’s image “Polar Bear Young Bull Vs Old” – TCC Ribbon

Pictorial Open (Colour)

  • He Zhao’s image “Flamingo Over Lake” – PSA Gold Medal
  • Neal Weisenberg’s image “Adele Diving 1” – IAAP Silver Medal
  • Luba Citrim’s image “My Ride Arrived” – PSA Bronze Medal
  • Luba Citrim’s image “Destiny” – TCC Bronze Medal
  • Adrienne Zoe’s image “Fruit of the Vine” – FIAP Ribbon
  • He Zhao’s image “Chicago Flamino Scuplture” – IAAP Ribbon
  • Robert Parker’s image “Bluebird And Blossoms” – PSA Honourable Mention
  • Yang Jiao’s image “Midnight Sun And Iceberg At Greenland” – TCC Ribbon
  • Daniel Rondeau’s image “Petals And Tendril” – TCC Ribbon

Pictorial Open (Mono)

  • He Zhao’s image “Spiral Staircase” – IAAP Gold Medal
  • Jean Wang’s image “Absolute Twin Towers From My View” – IAAP Ribbon
  • He Zhao’s image “Staircase” – CAPA Ribbon
  • Yang Jiao’s image “Giraffe Affection” – TCC Ribbon


  • Glenn Springer’s image “Rainy Ride” – FIAP Ribbon

Print Open (Colour)

  • Gareth Jones’s image “Insect Vision” – TCC Gold Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “Morning Activities” – IAAP Silver Medal
  • Wenjun Jin’s image “Overlooking Lake Magadi03” – TCC Silver Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “Playing Children” – PSA Bronze Medal
  • Mike Wooding’s image “European Skippers” – IAAP Bronze Medal
  • Leah Gray’s image “High Tide” – CAPA Ribbon
  • Mike Wooding’s image “Anna’s Hummingbird at Bluebell 2” – IAAP Ribbon
  • Wenjun Jin’s image “Overlooking Lake Magadi02” – TCC Ribbon
  • Jack Pasht’s image “Fourth Beach” – TCC Ribbon
  • Jasmine Suo’s image “Snowy Owl Banding” – TCC Ribbon
  • Wenjun Jin’s image “Overlooking Lake Magadio1” – PSA Honourable Mention

Print Open (Mono)

  • Ying Shi’s image “Pattern” – TCC Gold Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “Flying Over The Lake” – CAPA Bronze Medal
  • Gareth Jones’ image “Backwards Time” – TCC Bronze Medal
  • Ann Alimi’s image “King” – FIAP Ribbon

The winning images and a complete listing of the entrants and awards received are on the Salon  website.

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