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Harbour City Photo Exhibition Results

The 2019 results are in for the Harbour City Photography Exhibition held in Nanaimo, B.C.  May 27 – June 14th, 2019. This was endorsed by CAPA.

Black and White Category:

Judy Hancock Holland; 1st; On the Wings of a Dove
Rena Myles; 2nd; Leading Lines
Don Frood; 3rd; Vasco Da Gaman
Maggie Tilley; HM; Urban Bike Race

2019 Harbour City Photo Salon winner Judy Hancock Holland
On the Wings of a Dove by Judy Hancock Holland

Digital Art:

Rena Myles; 1st; Transcendence
Judy Hancock Holland; 2nd; Tulip No. 5
Jack Harynuk; 3rd; Mirrored March
Irene Peinhopf; HM; Fragmented

Transcendence by Rena Myles
Transcendence by Rena Myles


Bruce Moffat; 1st; Common Loon Close up on Maple Lake
Kate Ampersand; 2nd; Autumn Forest
Evan Guengerich; 3rd; Food Fight
Craig Letourneau; HM; Our Island Tree

Common Loon Close up on Maple Lake by Bruce Moffat


Sue Nurmi; 1st; Solitude
Leah Gray; 2nd; Wild Dance
John Young; 3rd; Mexican Fiesta
Michele Hillier; HM; Puno Dog, Peru 2018

Solitude by Sue Nurmi
Solitude by Sue Nurmi

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