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New Photo Forum

Now for open to all Individual CAPA Members. CAPA now has a new Theme Discussion Group on Line.

Under the Members Tab – scroll down to the “Photo Forum Tab” to find the theme and all instructions as to how to look at, submit and comment on photographs.

This is not a competition – just a way for members to submit up to 3 images on a theme and then all members who are also submitting can give comments on the image.

This is intended to be fun and a learning experience – no medals – no certificates or awards of any kind – just the fun of photography and a discussion with fellow photographers. We invite all new members and members who would enjoy the thrill of shooting a specific subject and submitting it for discussion by other members. Do not worry if you are experienced or not – this is for fun. You may want to try different techniques and need feedback as to whether or not these techniques add to your image. There is no need to be embarrassed or worry about whether or not your image will qualify – this is for fun and learning!

Our new Theme for this September to December is “WE WELCOME FALL”. If you have questions or comments, please email carolcoleman@shaw.ca.

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