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Chinese Photo Art Exhibition

2017 is the 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada. With its multicultural history, Canada exemplifies the harmonious integration of all the world’s peoples, helping to build Canada’s reputation as a great country.

Sur June 30th, the 1st Global Chinese Photography Art Exhibition, “Harmonizing” will have the opening ceremony at the Lipont Place in Vancouver.

Here are showcased 150 works selected with care from 150 elite Chinese photographers from across the globe. Images were chosen to convey the love, sincerity and passion of the artist, while telling us a story about the fusion of East and West.  As we celebrate Canada Day nationwide, Chinese photographers send to all Canadians, their blessings and best wishes for a prosperous future.

June 30th to July 5th –  4211 #3 Road, Richmond BC. More information at 1- 778- 308-6422



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