Enhancements to CAPA Judges Management

This month CAPA’s Certified Judges and trained judges seeking to become certified are receiving information from Glenn Bloodworth. As readers will recall from President Trider’s recent announcement Glenn, the Ontario Zone Director, has been appointed as CAPA’s “Judges Liaison Officer”, and he is honoured to be communicating with CAPA judges for the first time in this capacity.

As part of the Board’s response to findings from the 2019 national members’ survey this new position was instituted to enhance CAPA’s communications with judges, to assist judges with questions they may have regarding their roles and responsibilities, and to aid Michael Breakey, Director of Education, in enriching CAPA’s efforts to ensure quality certified judges for club, regional, national, and international competitions.

As part of CAPA’s initial efforts in focusing support to our judges, certified and those in training, Glenn has written to each of them seeking their assistance in three matters:

  1. CAPA needs to ensure that the national database of judges is up-to-date and accurate. A bilingual questionnaire is being sent to all judges asking them to forward certain information to Glenn.
  2. As all CAPA members know it is important when judging competitions on-line that each judge views the ’same’ image. Glenn is reminding the judges that  CAPA recommends they use a quality and calibrated monitor. He is sending each of them CAPA’s technical recommendations in this area; and
  3. CAPA has recently updated its document [in English and French] on our Certified Judging System. This covers the requirement and process for becoming a certified judge, the roles and responsibilities of both certified and trained judges seeking to become certified, and the steps that must be taken to maintain certified judge status. Glenn is sending a copy of this updated document to all CAPA judges.

These three documents [one is in bilingual format, one has in an English and a French version, and one is available at this time in English only – the French version is being prepared]  are on CAPA’s website. All CAPA members are welcome to access them for information.  The links to the downloadable documents are:

Glenn is looking forward to working with all CAPA members in the ongoing improvement of CAPA’s judging system. Feel free to contact him with any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. Please use in your email header or subject title the word “Judges”.

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