Competition Winners – Spring Portrait – Club

GOLD NSPS Cecilia Silva - Witch Hazel
GOLD NSPS David Laronde - Indian Army Retired
GOLD NSPS Deborah Robertson - Big Green Eyes
GOLD NSPS Gary Cotter - Sade
GOLD NSPS Jacquie Clayton - Enjoying The Show
GOLD NSPS Nancy Ricker - Little Tex
SILVER CBPC Brian Palmer - Artist at Work
SILVER CBPC Derek Hayes - My Little Angel
SILVER CBPC Etsuko Dethlefsen - Maasai Woman
SILVER CBPC Hafeez Mian - Flutist
SILVER CBPC Llaesa North - Double Embrace
SILVER CBPC Lynne Kelman - Spectator Of Life
BONZE RHCC Yung Niem - Blessing
BRONZE RHCC Claude Sasoon - Sidewalk Seller, Havana
BRONZE RHCC Grant Dale - All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go
BRONZE RHCC Harvey Rogers - Ballet Position One
BRONZE RHCC Judi Martin - Woodworker
BRONZE RHCC Rhonda Starr - Bright And Cheerful
MERIT 1 CBPC Lynne Kelman - Spectator Of Life
MERIT 2 NSPS David Laronde - Indian Army Retired
MERIT 3 LCC1 Janet Slater - Pow Wow Elder

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal – North Shore Photographic Society

Silver Medal – Crescent Beach Photography Club

Bronze Medal – Richmond Hill Camera Club

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awards:

  • Lynne Kelman
  • David Laronde
  • Janet Slater

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the hosting club Surrey Photography Club.