Competition Winners – Fine Art – Individual


GOLD Jim Hatch - Heading Home
GOLD Jim Hatch - Moon Crow
GOLD Jim Hatch - Rainy Alley
GOLD Jim Hatch - Yellowstone Falls
SILVER Ellie Schartner - Awakening A Memory
SILVER Ellie Schartner - Dancing Alone
SILVER Ellie Schartner - Looking Back
SILVER Ellie Schartner - The Rain Sweeper
BRONZE Robert Parker - Alpomodo Falcon
BRONZE Robert Parker - Amongst The Dried Ferns
BRONZE Robert Parker - Arctic Wolfe
BRONZE Robert Parker - Eastern Bluebirds
HONOURABLE MENTION Judy Griffin - Light on the Hedges
MERIT AWARD 1st Mike Hirak - Pears
MERIT AWARD 2nd Judy Griffin - Light on the Hedges

Competition Results & Awards

Gold Medal – Jim Hatch

Silver Medal – Ellie Schartner

Bronze Medal – Robert Parker

Honourable Mention Ribbons:

  • Judy Griffin
  • David Laronde
  • Julie Brocca
  • Norma Dougan
  • Francis King
  • Lynda McKay
  • He (Henry Zhao
  • Derek Hayes

Merit Award Ribbons:

  • Mike Hirak
  • Judy Griffin
  • Francis King

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the hosting club Crescent Beach Photography Club.