Competition Winners – 2022 Artistic – Individual

Merit Award Winners 

1st Merit Award - Abstract - London Camera Club - Mary Chambers Glass Tiger
1st Merit Award - Altered Reality - Club Photo Évasion - Francine Raymond - Poltergeist
1st Merit Award - Creative - Rozanne Pate Up - On The Roof
1st Merit Award - Smartphone - Toronto Camera Club - Gareth Jones - As-I-Build-My-1St-Wormhole
2nd Merit Award -Abstract - London Camera Club - Pia O'Leary - Cubism Or Escherism?
2nd Merit Award - Altered Reality - Hamilton Camera Club - Rick Mckenzie - The Dickensian World
2nd Merit Award - Creative - Jiahua Elite Photography Association - Yun Wang - My Room
2nd-Merit Award - Smartphone - Veronica Feenstra - Feenstra-Condo-Transformation
3rd Merit Award - Montreal Camera Club - Carole Duhaime - The-Space-Station
3rd Merit Award - Altered Reality - Cheryl Wilson Bramble - Well, Hello There
3rd Merit Award - Creative - Images Alberta Camera Club - Cynthia Poulin - Mysterious
3rd Merit Award - Smartphone - Richmond Hill Camera Club - Philip Wong - Sunrise At Three Sisters Peaks, Canmore, Alberta

 Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Winners

GOLD MEDAL Rick Mckenzie Mr. Pepper'S Dilemma
GOLD MEDAL Rick Mckenzie Slugger
GOLD MEDAL Rick Mckenzie The Dickensian World
GOLD MEDAL Rick Mckenzie Who Is Hunting My Gnomes
SILVER MEDAL Rhonda Starr Electrifying Guitar
SILVER MEDAL Rhonda Starr Light And Delicate
SILVER MEDAL Rhonda Starr Musical Dispersion
SILVER MEDAL Rhonda Starr Sweeping Motion
BRONZE MEDAL Francine Raymond Burning Passion
BRONZE MEDAL Francine Raymond Freedom!
BRONZE MEDAL Francine Raymond Poltergeist
BRONZE MEDAL Francine Raymond Time Warp

Honour Awards

HONOUR AWARD Sylvie Gagne Adam'S Apple
HONOUR AWARD Sylvie Gagne Celestial World
HONOUR AWARD Sylvie Gagne Losing My Mind
HONOUR AWARD Sylvie Gagne Tsunami
HONOUR AWARD Colleen Sayer B.C. Burning
HONOUR AWARD - Colleen Sayer - Crossing The River Styx
HONOUR AWARD Colleen Sayer Iceberg Aurora
HONOUR AWARD - Colleen Sayer - Un-Appeeling
HONOUR AWARD Joy Ruffeski In The Old Growth Forest
HONOUR AWARD Joy Ruffeski Serenity
HONOUR AWARD Joy Ruffeski Tallaheo Cannery Office Circa 1930
HONOUR AWARD Joy Ruffeski Time Distorts Perceptions
HONOUR AWARD Cheryl Wilson Bramble Emergence
HONOUR AWARD Cheryl Wilson Bramble Panicked Peony
HONOUR AWARD Cheryl Wilson Bramble Sybil
HONOUR AWARD Cheryl Wilson Bramble Well, Hello There
HONOUR AWARD Heather Loewenhardt Inferno
HONOUR AWARD Heather Loewenhardt Melting Point
HONOUR AWARD Heather Loewenhardt Psychedelic Reflections
HONOUR AWARD Heather Loewenhardt Twirling In Circles
HONOUR AWARD Laura Ranallo Dark Night Of The Soul
HONOUR AWARD Laura Ranallo Life Interwoven
HONOUR AWARD Laura Ranallo Love, Love,Love
HONOUR AWARD Laura Ranallo Through The Veil Of A Dream
HONOUR AWARD - Carole Duhaime - Mirror Who Is The Fairest Of All
HONOUR_AWARD - Carole Duhaime - Spring-Bloom
HONOUR_AWARD - Carole Duhaime - The Space Station
HONOUR AWARD Carole Duhaime We Miss You Leonard
HONOUR AWARD Louie Luo After Rain
HONOUR AWARD Louie Luo Autumn Impression
HONOUR AWARD Louie Luo Flipping Through The Seasons
HONOUR AWARD Louie Luo Winter Dream
HONOUR AWARD Beverly Jay Lost In Time
HONOUR AWARD Beverly Jay Nature Restructure
HONOUR AWARD Beverly Jay Reflected Lunch
HONOUR AWARD Beverly Jay Searching For Self
HONOUR AWARD Leah Gray Chlko Residents
HONOUR AWARD Leah Gray Fire Steed
HONOUR AWARD Leah Gray Lemur Family
HONOUR AWARD Leah Gray Morning Tea
HONOUR AWARD Rozanne Pate Behold, The Pterodactyl King
HONOUR AWARD Rozanne Pate Don'T Look Back
HONOUR AWARD Rozanne Pate Dragons Of Eden
HONOUR AWARD Rozanne Pate Up On The Roof
HONOUR AWARD Bela Acs Friday 13 Witch
HONOUR AWARD Bela Acs Frosty Morning
HONOUR AWARD Bela Acs Giant Swallowtails
HONOUR AWARD Bela Acs Virtual Reality
HONOUR AWARD Mary Chambers Floral Geisha
HONOUR AWARD Mary Chambers Flower Of Beads
HONOUR AWARD Mary Chambers Glass Tiger
HONOUR AWARD Mary Chambers Kaleidoscopic Dahlia
HONOUR AWARD Dale Eurich Aromatherapy
HONOUR AWARD Dale Eurich Blue And Magenta Tango
HONOUR AWARD Dale Eurich Lava Top Hat
HONOUR AWARD Dale Eurich Shuswap River Little Planet

Merit Award Winners

1st Merit – Abstract – Mary Chambers “Glass Tiger”

2nd Merit – Abstract – Pia O’Leary “Cubism or Escherism?”

3rd Merit – Abstract – “Carole Duhaime “The Space Station”

1st Merit – Altered Reality – Francine Raymond “Poltergeist”

2nd Merit – Altered Reality – Rick McKenzie “The Dickensian World”

3rd Merit – Altered Reality – Cheryl Wilson Bramble “Well, Hello There”

1st Merit – Creative – Rozanne Pate “Up on the Roof”

2nd Merit – Creative – Yun Wang “My Room”

3rd Merit – Creative – Cynthia Poulin “Mysterious”

1st Merit – Smartphone – Gareth Jones “As I Build My 1st Wormhole”

2nd Merit – Smartphone – Veronica Feenstra “Condo Transformation”

3rd Merit – Smartphone – Philip Wong “Sunrise at Three Sisters Peaks, Canmore, Alberta”

Medal Winners

Gold Medal – Rick McKenzie

Silver Medal – Rhonda Starr

Bronze Medal – Francine Raymond

Honour Awards

Sylvia Gagne

Colleen Sayer

Joy Ruffeski

Cheryl Wilson Bramble

Heather Loewenhardt

Laura Ranallo

Carole Duhaime

Louie Luo

Beverly Jay

Leah Gray

Rozanne Pate

Bela Acs

Mary Chambers

Dale Eurich

Congratulations to the winners.

The competition report is now posted in the Competition Reports option of the Competitions dropdown menu.   To view the report, you must first log into the CAPA website.