Competition Winners – 2021 Monochrome – Individual

Merit Award Winners /Gagnants des prix de mérite

1st Merit - Animal theme - David Guscott - Birds Of A Feather
2nd Merit - Animal theme - Jill Lam - Golden Eagle Taking Off
3rd Merit - Animal theme - David Guscott - Dawn Patrol
1st Merit - Double Exposure theme - Ying Shi - Skater
2nd Merit -Double Exposure theme - Christophe Potworowski - Tree Silhouette
3rd Merit - Double Exposure theme - Stephanie Alexandra - Someday My Love
1st Merit - Landscape theme - Francis Lachaine - Feux Dartifice
2nd Merit - Landscape theme - Rick McKenzie - Steps and Swirls
3rd Merit - Landscape theme - Jill Lam - Abandoned Old Grist Mill
1st Merit - Man Made theme - Len Modderman - In The Spotlight
2nd Merit - Portrait theme - Rae McLeod - Duane
3rd Merit -Man Made theme - Maureen McCormack - The Spanish Riding School
1st Merit - Portrait theme - ANN ALIMI - FIGHTER
2nd Merit - Man Made theme - Steve Donnelly - Bluewater Bridge
3rd Merit -Portrait theme - Gail Stephan - En Vogue

 Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Winners / Médaillés d’or, d’argent et de bronze

Gold Medal - Rick McKenzie - Reflecting Egret
Gold Medal - Rick McKenzie - Steps and Swirls
Gold Medal - Rick McKenzie - The Night's Light
Gold Medal - Rick McKenzie - Webster's Highlights
Silver Medal - Virginia Stranaghan - I Fall To Pieces
Silver Medal - Virginia Stranaghan - Mummified Rose
Silver Medal - Virginia Stranaghan - Reflecting On Garlic
Silver Medal - Virginia Stranaghan - Sunflower Bee
Bronze Medal - Steve Donnelly - A Quiet Moment
Bronze Medal - Steve Donnelly - Bluewater Bridge
Bronze Medal - Steve Donnelly - Yellowstone
Bronze Medal - Steve Donnelly - Antelope Canyon

Honour Awards / Prix d’honneur

Light Years
One Look Speaks A Thousand Words
Honour Award Cathleen Mewis Brownie Points
Honour Award Cathleen Mewis Quittin Time
Honour Award Cathleen Mewis Sailor Dan
Honour Award Cathleen Mewis The Upper East Side
Honour Award Colleen Sayer After The Race
Honour Award Colleen Sayer Appeeling
Honour Award Colleen Sayer Making Faces
Honour Award Colleen Sayer Tools Of The Trade
Honour Award Colleen Walden Custom Made
Honour Award Colleen Walden Foggy Morning On The Dock
Honour Award Colleen Walden Never A Dull Day
Honour Award Colleen Walden Where Everyone Knows Your Name
Honour Award Dandan Liu Glassceilling
Honour Award Dandan Liu The Old Car
Honour Award Dandan Liu We Are In This Together
Honour Award Dandan Liu White Egret
Honour Award David Guscott A Piece Of History
Honour Award David Guscott Birds Of A Feather
Honour Award David Guscott Dawn Patrol
Honour Award David Guscott Dude
Honour Award Geri Porteous Deadvlei
Honour Award Geri Porteous Elephant
Honour Award Geri Porteous House
Honour Award Geri Porteous Ship
Honour Award Greg OLeary Hartwick Doorway To Memories
Honour Award Greg OLeary Hartwick Remnants Of A Warf
Honour Award Greg OLeary Hartwick Telegraph Cove
Honour Award Greg OLeary Hartwick Tor Bay
Honour Award Guy Fortin Clan Retreat
Honour Award Guy Fortin Misty Twins
Honour Award Guy Fortin Our Very Last Trip
Honour Award Heather Loewenhardt From Here To Infinity
Honour Award Heather Loewenhardt Isolation On The Prairies
Honour Award Heather Loewenhardt Tranquil Dreams
Honour Award Heather Loewenhardt With Attitude
Honour Award Jill Lam Abandoned Old Grist Mill
Honour Award Jill Lam B W Portrait
Honour Award Jill Lam Golden Eagle Taking Off
Honour Award Jill Lam Water Lilies In Morning Light
Honour Award Kelly Pape Argentine In Bloom
Honour Award Kelly Pape Basilica
Honour Award Kelly Pape Falling
Honour Award Kelly Pape Winter Rays
Honour Award Laura Ranallo Art Is God
Honour Award Laura Ranallo Ball And Chain
Honour Award Laura Ranallo Racism
Honour Award Laura Ranallo Workmans Prayer
Honour Award Marek Pleszczynski Burst Of Life
Honour Award Marek Pleszczynski Of Light And Shadows
Honour Award Marek Pleszczynski Shades Of Light
Honour Award Marek Pleszczynski Starburst
Honour Award Mary Chambers Aggravating Flies
Honour Award Mary Chambers Lace Curtain
Honour Award Mary Chambers The Mime
Honour Award Mary Chambers Wildebeest Crossing
Honour Award Michael Winsor Brooklyn Bridge Lights
Honour Award Michael Winsor Humpback Whale Breach
Honour Award Michael Winsor Ocean Morning Mist
Honour Award Michael Winsor Savage Sea Sunset
Honour Award Philip Wong Lower Antelope Canyon
Honour Award Philip Wong Paper Shapes Abstract 2
Honour Award Philip Wong Tall And Majestic
Honour Award Philip WongPaper Shapes Abstract 1
Honour Award Pia Oleary Double Cross
Honour Award Pia OLeary Keeping An Eye On Monument Valley
Honour Award Pia OLeary Mississauga S Marilyns Framed6
Honour Award Pia OLeary Watch Out For The Real One
Honour Award Raymond Fong Leading Lines
Honour Award Raymond Fong Mountain Views
Honour Award Raymond Fong Trees
Honour Award Raymond Fong Winter
Honour Award Terry Graham Cottonwood Schoolhouse
Honour Award Terry Graham Frozen In Time
Honour Award Terry Graham Seen Better Days
Honour Award Terry Graham Walk In The Park
Honour Award Theresa Bryson NOva Scotia Fishing Hut
Honour Award Theresa Bryson Onions And Garlic
Honour Award Theresa Bryson Whirl
Honour Award Theresa Bryson=Glow
Battle Of Celestial Light
Lolli On The Steps
Montreal's Four Seasons Hotel
Honour Award Yves Kéroack  Remembering The Past
Turcot Interchange And St Jacques Bridge
Montreal Olympic Stadium
Honour Awards Guy Fortin Vimy Shoulders

Merit Award Winners / Gagnants des prix de mérite

  • 1st Merit Award – Animal – David Guscott – “Birds of a Feather”
  • 2nd Merit Award – Animal – Jill Lam – “Golden Eagle Taking Off”
  • 3rd Merit Award – Animal – David Guscott – “Dawn Patrol”
  • 1st Merit Award – Double Exposure – Ying Shi – “Skater”
  • 2nd Merit Award – Double Exposure – Christophe Potworowski – “Tree Silhouette”
  • 3rd Merit Award – Double Exposure – Stephanie Alexandra – “Someday My Love”
  • 1st Merit Award – Landscape – Francis Lachaine – “Feux d’artifice”
  • 2nd Merit Award – Landscape – Rick McKenzie – “Steps and Swirls
  • 3rd Merit Award – Landscape – Jill Lam – Abandoned Old Grist Mill”
  • 1st Merit Award – Man-Made – Leonard Modderman – “In The Spotlight”
  • 2nd Merit Award – Man-Made – Steve Donnelly – “Bluewater Bridge”
  • 3rd Merit Award – Man-Made – Maureen McCormack – “At the Spanish Riding School”
  • 1st Merit Award – Portrait – Ann Alimi – “Fighter”
  • 2nd Merit Award – Portrait – Rae McLeod – “Duane”
  • 3rd Merit Award – Portrait – Gail Stephan – “En Vogue”

Medal Winners / Médaillés d’or, d’argent et de bronze

  • Gold Medal – Rick McKenzie
  • Silver Medal – Virginia Stranaghan
  • Bronze Medal – Steve Donnelly

Honour Awards / Prix d’honneur

  • Theresa Bryson
  • Dandan Liu
  • David Guscott
  • Jill Lam
  • Philip Wong
  • Terry Graham
  • Yves Keroack
  • Kelly Pape
  • Pia O’Leary
  • Cathleen Mewis
  • Heather Loewenhardt
  • Geri Porteous
  • Mary Chambers
  • Ann Alimi
  • Colleen Sayer
  • Laure Ranallo
  • Guy Fortin
  • Traci Beattie
  • Colleen Walden
  • Greg O’Leary-Hartwick
  • Marek Pleszczynski
  • Michael Winsor
  • Raymond Fong

Congratulations to the winners. Félicitations aux gagnants.