Competition Winners – 2020 Canada Salon

Alberta - Hong Zhang's image "Canadian Pacific"
Alberta - Tony Roberts' image "Eisenhower Tower"
Alberta - Paule Hjertaas' image "Cascade Range"
British Columbia - Tracy Lee's "Pointing The Way"
British Columbia - Tony Roberts' image "Steer Wrestler"
British Columbia - Earl Hirtz's image "Orca Gold"
Manitoba - Steve Donnelly's image "Polar Bear Churchill Manitoba"
Manitoba - Steve Donnelly's image "Churchill Manitoba"
Manitoba - Ruth Ball 's image  "Tenuous Reality"
New Brunswick - Tracy Munson's image "Cliffside Camping"
New Brunswick - Helena Chu's image " Swallowtail Lighthouse"
New Brunswick - Maurice Melanson's image "The Mighty Miramichi"
Newfoundland & Labrador - Darren Langdon's image "Ferryland Lighthouse"
Newfoundland & Labrador - Bruce Carmody's "Puffin Portrait"
Newfoundland & Labrador - MIchael Winsor's image "Magical Moment"
Nova Scotia - Viki Gaul's image "UNESCO Heritage Site Lunenburg "
Nova Scotia - Dave Van De Laar's image "Peggys Cove"
Nova Scotia - Ian Rutgers' image" Peggy's Cove"
Nunavut Territory -Sandra Hawkins' image "Dundas Harbour Devon Island"
Nunavut Territory - Grant Stovel's image "All Things Must Pass"
Nunavut Territory - Grant Stovel's image "Jessica baby"
Northwest Territory - Young Niem's image "Northern Lights In Yellowknife"
Northwest Territory - Kai Sun Law's image "Snow Covered Lake In Inuvik"
Northwest Territory - Bob Hawkins' image "Trout River Canyon"
Ontario - Dave Evans' image "Rock Solid Fifty Point Conservation Area"
Ontario - Rick McKenzie's image "Early Morning Paddle"
Ontario - Bruce Carmody's image "Loon Family"
Prince Edward Island - Isabelle Levesque's image "Confederation Bridge At Dusk"
Prince Edward Island - Isabelle Levesque's image "Delight!"
Prince Edward Island - Philippe Laporta's image "Sunrise At Crowbush"
Quebec - Suzanne Huot's image "ISLE BONAVENTURE GANNETS BONDING"
Quebec - Francine Raymond's image "Les Deux Champlains"
Quebec - Carmin Cristofaro's image "Winter Morning In Old Montreal"
Saskatchewan - Tony Paine's image "Prairie Sunset"
Saskatchewan - Bruce Carmody's image "Restored Grain Elevator"
Saskatchewan - Heather Loewenhardt's image "Railroad Life Line"
Yukon Territory - Bill Locke's image "Over Kaskawulsh Glacier"
Yukon Territory - Lynne Kline's image "A Mystical Moment, Tagish Lake, Yukon"
Yukon Territory - Neal Weisenberg's image "Barren Ground Caribou"

Winning images

From our 2019 Canada: My Country Competition, the three top images were selected from each province and territory.

  • Alberta – “Eisenhover Tower – Bow Valley Parkway” by Tony Roberts, “Canadian Pacific” by Hong Zhang & “Cascade Range” by Paule Hjetrtass
  • British Columbia – “Point The Way” by Tracy Lee, “Steer Wrestler – Keremeos Rodeo” by Tony Roberts & “Orca Gold” by Earl Hirtz
  • Manitoba – “Polar Bear Churchill” by Stee Donnelly, “Tenuous Reality” by Ruth Ball & “Churchill Manitoba” by Steve Donnelly
  • New Brunswick – “Swallowtail Lighthouse” by Helena Chu, “Cliffside Camping” by Tracy Munson & “The Mighty Miramichi” by Maurice Melanson
  • Newfoundland & Labrador – “Puffin Portrait” by Bruce Carmody, “Ferryland Lighthouse” by Darren Langdon & “Magical Moment” by Michael Winsor
  • Northwest Territory – “Northern Lights in Yellowknife” by Yung Niem, Snow Covered Lake In Inuvik” by Kai Sun Law & “Trout River Canyon” by Bob Hawkins
  • Nova Scotia – “Peggy’s Cove” by Dave Van de Laar, “UNESCO Heritage Site Lunenburg” by Viki Gaul & “A Beacon to the Sailor” by Ian Rutgers
  • Nunavut Territory – “All Things Must Pass” by Grant Stovel, “Leaving The Past” by Grant Stovel & “Dundas Harbour, Devon Island” by Sandra Hawkins
  • Ontario – “Loon Family” by Bruce Carmody, “Early Morning Paddle” by Rick McKenzie & “Rock Solid 50 Point” by Dave Evans
  • Prince Edward Island – “Delight!” by Isabelle Levesque, “Confederation Bridge At Dusk” by Isabelle Levesque & “Sunrise at Crowbush” by Philippe Laporta
  • Quebec – “Les deux Champlains” by Francine Raymond, “Isle Bonnaventure Ganets Bonding” by Suzanne Huot & “Winter Morning In Old Montreal” by Carmin Cristofaro
  • Saskatchewan – “Prairie Sunset” by Tony Paine, Restored Grain Elevator” by Bruce Carmody & “Prairie Sentinal” by Heather Loewenhardt
  • Yukon Territory – “Over Kaskawulsh Glacier” by Bill Locke, “Barren Ground Caribou” by Neal Weisenberg & “Mystical Moment, Tagish Lake Yukon” by Lynne Kline

These images highlight the beauty of our country and provide encouragement for other photographers.

Congratulations to all the photographers whose images were selected for the 2020 Canada Salon.

The above noted images will be professionally printed and be put on display at the National Museum of Photography/Musée Populaire De La Photo in Drummondville Quebec between 7th January  2020 to 29th March 2020.