Competition Winners – 2019 Open Theme – Thème Libre – Individuals

1st Merit Heather Loewenhardt Dust Bowl
2nd Merit Benoit Larochelle China Really
3rd Merit Maurice Melanson Ice Age
Gold Medal Maurice Melanson Drop Three Times
Gold Medal Maurice Melanson No Risk No Reward
Gold Medal Maurice Melanson Misty Fire
Gold Medal Maurice Melanson Ice Age
Silver Medal Benoit Larochelle China Really
Silver Medal Benoit Larochelle The Last Two Believers
Silver Medal Benoit Larochelle Face To Face
Silver Medal Benoit Larochelle What Is Behind The Door
Bronze Medal Jocelyne Feizo A Welcomed Feast For The Waxwings
Bronze Medal Jocelyne Feizo Harassing The Enemy
Bronze Medal Jocelyne Feizo Fire Foxes
Bronze Medal Jocelyne Feizo Playing In The Snow
Honour Award Zbigniew Gortel GZ 37944 Fall Browns
Honour Award  Zbigniew Gortel GZ 55343 Sunrays
Honour Award Zbigniew Gortel GZ 91656 Long Shadows
Honour Award Zbigniew Gortel GZ 90344 Hills
Honour Award Bruce Carmody American Avocets
Honour Award Bruce Carmody Black Necked Stilt
Honour Award Bruce Carmody Curious Pine Marten
Honour Award Bruce Carmody Spread My Wings And Fly
Honour Award Earl Hirtz Bull Elks Sparring 1
Honour Award Earl Hirtz Bighorn Ram At Sunrise 1
Honour Award Earl Hirtz Orca Gold 1
Honour Award Earl Hirtz Spirit Bear Sneak Peek 1
Honour Award Kelly Pape Astoria Bridge
Honour Award Kelly Pape Rainiy Night In Amsterdam
Honour Award Kelly Pape Oregon Coast
Honour Award Kelly Pape Milky Way Over Abandoned House
Honour Award Missy Mandel Nuthatch
Honour Award Missy Mandel Saw Whet Owl With Prey
Honour Award Missy Mandel Pine Marten
Honour Award Missy Mandel Springtime Bluebird
Honour Award Pat Zuest April Showers May Flowers
Honour Award Pat Zuest Still Life With Fruit And Mushroom
Honour Award Pat Zuest Dreaming Of A California Beach Sunset
Honour Award Pat Zuest All The World S A Stage
Honour Award Paul Infelise B1B Bomber
Honour Award Paul Infelise 8 Seconds Of  Hell
Honour Award Paul Infelise On The Prowl
Honour Award Paul Infelise Red Eye Tree Frog
Honour Award Rachel Bilodeau Male White Tailed Deer
Honour Award Rachel Bilodeau Piknik At The Gardens
Honour Award Rachel Bilodeau  Snail On Hostas Flower
Honour Award Rachel Bilodeau Screws landscape
Honour Award William Bickle Belted Kingfishe Rwith  Beetle Juice
Honour Award William Bickle Outstanding Grizzly
Honour Award William Bickle Red Fox Kit With Feather
Honour Award William Bickle Great Horned Owl Juvenile
Honour Award Adrienne Dash Of Red (Meadowhawk)
Honour Award Adrienne Zoe Ladybug Snack
Honour Award Adrienne Zoe Male Belted Kingfisher
Honour Award Adrienne Zoe Monarch On Verbena
Honour Award Heather Loewenhardt Banquet Feeding
Honour Award Heather Loewenhardt Dust Bowl
Honour Award Heather Loewenhardt Fading Moments
Honour Award Heather Loewenhardt Pretty In Pink

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal – Maurice Melanson

Silver Medal – Benoit Larochelle

Bronze Medal – Jocelyne Feizo

Honourable Mention

  • Zbignlew W. Gortel
  • Bruce Carmody
  • Earl Hirtz
  • Kelly Pape
  • Missy Mandel
  • Pat Zuest
  • Paul Infelise
  • Rachel Bilodeau
  • William Bickle
  • Adrienne Zoe
  • Heather Loewenhardt

Merit Awards:

  • 1st Place – Heather Loewenhardt’s image “Dust Bowl”
  • 2nd Place – Benoit Larochelle’s image “China…Really?”
  • 3rd Place – Maurice Melanson’s image “Ice Age”

Congratulations to all the winners.