Competition Winners – 2019 Club – Lines and Curves / Lignes et courbes

Silver Medal - Yves L Italien - Yonge Street Giant
Honour Award - Llaesa North-Long Climb Ahead
Honour Award - Evan Guengerich - Vertical Hong Kong
Honour Award - Ken Stratychuk - The Straight And Narrow
2nd Merit Award - Mono - Peter Coombes - The Tower
Honour Award - Lois Burton - Inch By Inch
Bronze Medal-John Kot-Dry Ficus Benjamina Leaf
Bronze Medal-Lil Shneidman-Spotted
Gold Medal - Fortunato Rizza - Silhouette Of A Blue Fan
1st Merit Award - Mono - Kathryn McGarvey - Space Traveller
Bronze Medal-Louie-Luo-Building Reflection
3rd Merit Award - Mono - Nicolette Wain Lowe - The London Eye
Gold Medal - Lyne Brissette - The Rookery Building
Gold Medal - John Surridge - Square Dance
Honour Award - Etsuko Dethlefsen - Beauty Of Abstract Art
Silver Medal - Catalin Sandu - Dancing Towers
Gold Medal - Pam Forgarty - Calgary Public Library
Honour Award - Kayla Stevenson - Windswept Sand In Glowing Light
Bronze Medal-Patricia Bow-Bully Bubbles
Honour Award - Pearson Morey - Royal BC Museum Reflection
Honour Award - Daniel Rondeau - Petals And Tendril
2nd Merit Award - Colour - John Surridge - Square Dance
1st Merit Award - Colour - Lyne Brissette - The Rookery Building
Honour Award - Norm Orr - Pot Lights
Honour Award - Pam Avis - Simple Math
Honour Award - Mike Strong - Lines And Curves
Silver Medal - James Cuthbert - Blue And Yellow Glasses
Bronze Medal - Margaret Krzepkowski - Colourful Spectrum
Gold Medal - Ann Pearson - Gaudi S Curvilinear Poetry In Motion
3rd Merit Award - Colour - Christopher Siou - Galleria Pattern
Honour Award - Jim Hatch - Train Track
Honour Award-Normand Marcotte-Getty Museum Study
Silver Medal - Pat Zuest - California Sunset
Bronze Medal-Claude Sassoon-Glass And Steel
Silver Medal - Kevin Dawson - Georgia Infrared Aerial
Honour Award - Katia Stano - Sundial Bridge
Honour Award-Marlene Lewis-A Welcoming Facade.
Gold Medal - Amir El Etr - Vanishing Point
Honour Award-Denise Decloux-Divine Staircase
Honour Award - Liz Green - Reading Between The Lines
Honour Award - Hilary Goeller - The Art Gallery Of Ontario Stair

Competitions Winners & Awards

Honourable Mention:

Merit Award

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the host – CAPA Director of Competitions.

Peter Coombes
Peter Coombes 2nd place Merit Award – Monochrome 
Toronto Camera Club Silver Medal winners: (L to R) Christopher Siou, Catalin Sandu, Jonathan Ward (CAPA DR), Pat Zuest, Kevin Dawson, Yves L’Italien and James Cuthbert (back row)