Competition Winners – 2018 Altered Reality – Rèalitè Altèrèe – Club

Gold Medal - Larry Rezka - Watching You
Gold Medal - Margaret Kzrepkowski - Flower Girl
Gold Medal - Debbie Gottdenker - Cotton Candy
Gold Medal - Luba Citrin - The Passage Of Time
Gold Medal - Julie Brocca - Cruisin'
Gold Medal - Claude Sassoon - Meandering Office Tower
Silver Medal - Ronald Kelman - Frequent Flyers
Silver Medal - Roy Abbott - Ghostly Hatchling
Silver Medal - Sheldon Boles - Ancestry Search
Silver Medal - Hafeez Mian - Avatar
Silver Medal - Derek Hayes - Railway Evolution
Silver Medal - John Ostaf - Finn S Slough
Bronze Medal - Albert Kurtz - Mountain Covered In Shards Of Clouds
Bronze Medal - Alex Konyukov - Black Ferrari Setting Fire
Bronze Medal - Christine Kobielski - The Graduate  Picasso Style
Bronze Medal - Eva Michalak - Keeping Unsustainable Peace
Bronze Medal - Michel Gagnon - Wonderfully Weaved Woman
Bronze Medal - Theresa Bryson - The Gatherer
1st Place Merit Award - Roy Abbott - Ghostly Hatchling
2nd Place Merit Award  - Bela Acs Formation
3rd Place Merit Award - Rick McKenzie - Secrets Of My Garden

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal – Richmond Hill Camera Club

Silver Medal – Crescent Beach Photography Club

Bronze Medal – Etobicoke Camera Club

Honourable Mention

Merit Awards:

  • Roy Abbot (Crescent Beach Photography Club)
  • Bela Acs (Trillium Photographic Club)
  • Rick McKenzie (Hamilton Camera Club)

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the CAPA Director of Competitions for hosting this competition.

Photograph of CAPA Past President Larry Breitkreutz presenting the 2018 Altered Reality ‘Club’ Competition’s silver medal to the Crescent Beach Photography Club President Lynne Kelman. Six club members whose images contributed to this medal award are (left to right) Sheldon Boles, Hafeez Mian, Ronald Kelman, Roy Abbot, John Ostaf andDerek Hayes.
Photograph of (R to L): CAPA Past President presenting the 1st Place Merit Award (2018 Altered Reality ‘Club’ Competition) Ribbon.
Lance Gitter of the Richmond Hill Camera Club receives the Gold Medal, along with 3 members of the club whose images were part of the gold medal entry: Luba Citrin, Julie Brocca & Claude Sassoon