Competition Winners – 2019 Altered Reality – Rèalitè Altèrèe – Club

1st Merit - Lily Markovic's image
2nd Merit - Marie Algeri Goldgrub's image
3rd Place Merit - Rick McKenzie's image
Gold Medal - Julie Brocca's image
Gold Medal - Lance Gitter's image
Gold Medal - Joseph Leduc's image
Gold Medal - Chuck Rowe's image
Gold Medal -Marie Algeri-Goldgrub's image
Gold Medal - Luba Citrin's image
Silver Medal - Kathryn Moore's image
Silver Medal - Ira Weiss' image
Silver Medal - Yves L'Italien's image
Silver Medal - Lily Markovic's image
Silver Medal - Mary Crandall's image
Silver Medal - Iskuhi Kirakosyan's image
Bronze Medal - Bill Niessen's image
Bronze Medal - Crandall Benson's image
Bronze Medal - Luke Durda's image
Bronze Medal - Rafael Sanchez's image
Bronze Medal - Ramli Halim's image
Bronze Medal - Marion Buccella's image

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal – Richmond Hill Camera Club

Silver Medal – Toronto Camera Club

Bronze Medal – London Camera Club

Honourable Mention

Merit Awards:

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the Richmond Hill Camera Club  for hosting this competition.