Competition Winners – 2017 Photo Journalism – Photo Journalistique – Club

Gold Medal - Lois DeEll- Age Does Not Matter
Gold Medal - Racine Erland - The Bridal Shoot Racine Erland
Gold Bob Skelton Crisis In Kashgar Bob Skelton
Gold Medal - Cim MacDonald - The Dowry
Gold Medal - Willie Harvie - Two Hats
Gold Medal - Tony Paine - Total Eclipse August 21 2017
Silver Medal - Dean Hirtle - Air Force Precision
Silver Medal - Fred Greene - MotoCross In Mud
Silver Medal - Joyce SK Chew - C2 Duo Paddles For Gate
Silver Medal - Laszlo Podor - Shooting
Silver Medal - Marg Nolen - No Backing Up
Silver Medal - Viki Gaul - Loosing His Grip
Bronze Medal - Frankie Chan - Dragon Boat Racing
Bronze Medal - Harvey Ash - No One But You
Bronze Medal - Grant Dale - Street Musician
Bronze Medal - Julie Brocca - Playing On Queen Street
Bronze Medal - Katherine Wong - Courtship Race In Mongolia
Bronze Medal - Rhonda Starr - Signs Of The Time
1st Place Merit Ribbon - Amir El Etr - Maple Spring Protest
Merit 2 Bob Skelton Crisis In Kashgar Bob Skelton
3rd Place Merit Ribbon - Frankie Chan - Dragon Boat Racing



Cowichan Valley Camera Club won the gold medal in the Photo Journalism Club Fall 2017 competition, not the Montreal Camera Club as reported on Page 29 of the 2018 Spring issue of Canadian Camera magazine. 

Competitions Winners & Awards

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awardtrillum photographic Club

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the host – CAPA Director of Competitions.

Cowichan Valley Camera Club – Awarded Gold Medal for the Photo Journalism Competition. Left to right: Tony Paine, Cim MacDonald (CAPA Representative), Lois DeEll, Wilma (Willie) Harvie, and Bob Skelton.
Bob was also awarded the 2nd place Merit Award Ribbon for his image “Crisis in Kashgar.”