Competition Winners – 2017 Nature – Club

Gold - Betty Chan - Hyenas Feasting
Gold - Janet Balon - Great Grey Owl
Gold - Kala Lakhani - Eagle's Determination
Gold - Nicholas Tian - Two Bald Eagles And An American Shad
Gold - Rob Kline - Kings On The March South Georgia Island
Gold - Ron Goodlin - The Long Journey King Penguin Chicks South Georgia Island
Silver - Philip Chang - Attack From Back
Silver - Wei He - Lions Hunting
Silver - Sarah Hei - The Blue Serenity
Silver - Yongle Chen - Mt Seceda
Silver - Yun Wang - Flamingo Landing
Silver - Zhiwen Li - No Escape
Bronze - Bryan Urquhart - Female Blue Bird
Bronze - Christine Lowden - Crossed Words
Bronze - Herman Ouwersloot - Sulphur
Bronze - Judy Flint - Hummingbird At Flower
Bronze - Kave Van De Laar - Belted Kingfisher
Bronze - Randy Lowden - Barn Swallow
Botany #1 - Hugh McKervill - Back Yard Mushroom
Botany #2 - Marion Sensen - Ahinahina Plant
Merit #1 - Viki Gaul - Great Blue Heron And His Catch
Merit #2 - Laurie Milne - Would You Like Flies With That
Merit #3 David Seldon Heron With Fish

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal- Richmond Hill Camera Club

Silver Medal – Jiahua Elite Photography Association

Bronze Medal – St. Catharines Photographic Club

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awards:

Botany Awards:

  • 1st Place – Hugh McKevill (Atlantic Lighthouse Photo Group) – “Backyard Mushroom”
  • 2nd Place – Marion Sensen (Atlantic Lighthouse Photo Group) – “Ahinahina Plant”

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the hosting club – Richmond Hill Camera Club

Richmond Hill Camera Club associate CAPA club rep, Isabel Kelly receiving Nature Gold Medal from Club Host Chairperson Lance Gitter


Richmond Hill Camera Club members (from left to right): Ron Goodlin, Kala Lakhani & Rob Kline, 3 of the 6 photographers receive Gold Certificates from CAPA associate Club Rep Isabel Kelly