Mary Lore

Mary Shankel Lore

March 28, 1921 – August 18, 2019

Mary Lore, a CAPA Lifetime member who was passionate about photography and saw many changes, including the introduction of colour film, passed away in August at the age of 98. Born in Brooks, Alta., in 1921, Lore first took photographs with her mother’s eight-exposure film box camera.

In her autobiography, written in 2004 at the request of the Foothills Camera Club in Calgary, Lore said it took her nine years to save $99 to buy a Konica 35mm camera in 1949, from there advancing to a second-hand Exacta and then to a new Leica SLR. Lore joined the Calgary Colour Photo Club in 1949 and filled several executive positions, including president from 1984 to 1989. She was a zone representative for the National Association of Photographic Art (NAPA) before becoming president in 1979-1980. She was awarded an honorary CAPA life membership during the 1980s. Lore said she was fortunate to be able to travel to many countries, but still found the foothills and mountains “on our backdoor step” to be her favourite.

Mary grew up on a ranch at Latham, Alberta where her love of wildflowers, birds and animals began and continued as a lifelong passion. For many years she hiked, snowshoed, and rode horses. Mary’s first career was as a clerk and secretary where she showed her talents and rose to be an executive secretary in the exploration department of Shell Oil. Mary became a business education teacher for 20 years, starting at James Fowler High, then John Diefenbaker High and ending her career as head of the business education department at Crescent Heights High School. She was a recipient of the Charles deTro award for contributions to teaching by a classroom teacher. Mary was involved with many organizations, including Desk and Derrick, Skyline Hikers and Trail Riders, the Calgary Field Naturalists, and the Foothills Camera Club. She enjoyed the arts and for many years attended ballet and opera productions. Mary traveled extensively, taking photographs as she went. She was an award winning photographer and her slide shows were legendary.

She is survived by two sisters-in-law, 17 nephews and nieces and 25 great-nephews and nieces. She was predeceased by four brothers and two sisters-in-law.

Virginia Stranaghan FCAPA

Virginia Stranaghan, FCAPA
Virginia Stranaghan receives her FCAPA from Stephen Hops

The FCAPA certificate and pin was presented to Virginia Stranaghan by Stephen Hops, President of the St. Catharines Camera Club at the club meeting on January 14, 2020. Congratulations are extended to Virginia for achievement of this amazing milestone.

Virginia has been a member of CAPA since 2009. She has been active as a CAPA District Rep, CAPA Director of Competitions, Club President as well as many other club positions. She taught courses for several clubs and assisted in teaching the Abstract/Creative section of the CAPA Judging course in Welland. Her photographic endeavors have resulted in several placings in CAPA competitions.

Leonie Holmes, FCAPA

Leonie Holmes, FCAPA
Leonie Holmes is presented with her FCAPA certificate and pin by Virginia Stranaghan

Leonie Holmes is presented her FCAPA certificate and pin by Virginia Stranaghan, President of the Hamilton Camera Club at the club’s Christmas party on December 16, 2019. Congratulations are extended to Leonie for achievement of this amazing milestone.

Leonie is a CAPA certified judge, having judged many national CAPA competitions as well as judging for PSA for their International Salon in Toronto. She also served as the CAPA Director of Competitions for two years.

Leonie was an original NAPA member back in the 80’s and rejoined CAPA in 1989. She has conducted many workshops and presentations and been involved in several camera clubs over the years.

59th Annual Red River Exhibition

2020 Red River Ex
59th Annual Canadian Photo Salon

The Red River Ex is a Canadian Photo Salon open to all Canadians.

This is a great opportunity for members to enter a CAPA recognized competition for individuals. The cost is $5 per category. There are 3 categories available:

  • digital open,
  • colour print
  • monochrome print

There are cash prizes and several special awards including

  • Best of Show,
  • Best Manitoba Entry
  • Best Domestic Pet
  • Best Scenic
  • Best Action
  • Best Agricultural Image
  • Best Nature (Flora/Fauna)
  • “It made you smile” award, print and projected image.

CAPA will present 1 gold medal for overall high aggregate score of all three categories.

This competition closes May 22, 2020.

See the Red River website for more information. Download the Entry Form (.pdf) here.

Red River Ex Photograph Salon 2020


Kayla Stevenson receives FCAPA

Kayla Stevenson
Kayla Stevenson receives her FCAPA designation from Sheldon Boles. Photo by Carla Hamilton.

Thank you for permitting me to make this presentation tonight to Kayla Stevenson.

In her teen years, Kayla became interested in photography using her Kodak Brownie to record family outings.

She has evolved from film to the digital world with her current collection of image capturing devices – Canon 7D Mark II, Sony A6000 and iphone X.

Kayla’s love for photography and travel have been an excellent combination. She has won many local, regional and nation awards for her outstanding photography.

To enhance her interest in photography, Kayla is an active member in both the Clear Focus Camera Club and the Langley Camera Club. On many occasions, she has volunteered to make presentations to share her experience and knowledge to many.

Her volunteering has greatly contributed to promoting photography locally and nationally. Kayla volunteered postions include:

  • Web Design and Webmaster for the Langley Camera Club
  • Served two terms as the Co-President of the Clear Focus Camera
  • CAPA website gallery manager (2012 – 2017)
  • Member of Communications Committee & Website Assistant for the CAPA Photo Expo in 2015
  • Member of the new CAPA website Committee in 2017
  • CAPA’s Director of Membership for the past three years and a respected member of the CAPA Board of Directors

In 2015, she was awarded the CAPA Associate Fellowship Honour (ACAPA) based on her photographic achievements and contributions.

Then in 2019, Kayla participated in our new ‘judges-in-training’ program and met all requirements which resulted in her being designated as a Certified CAPA Judge.

In late 2019, the CAPA Honours Committee received a nomination to recognize the outstanding and tireless efforts of Kayla Stevenson to promote CAPA membership across Canada. Her professional and initiative is an inspiration to others.

On behalf of the CAPA Board of Directors, I am pleased to present Kayla with her Fellowship Honour Certificate (FCAPA) and pin. The FCAPA designation and certificate is awarded for exceptional photographic achievement and photographic service to the Canadian Association for Photograph Art (CAPA).

Congratuations Kayla

Sheldon Boles

Le Focus Camera Club HM

workhop with the Focus Camera Club in Moncton
Focus Camera Club Workhop (photo by Jacinthe Sam LeBlanc)

Focus camera club received an Honourable Mention on the Fall Open competition (November 30th 2019)
Jacinthe Sam LeBlanc form Focus Camera Club, offered a workshop, on miniature people photography, many participants enjoyed creating funny scenario’s, it was also a great learning and creative workshop.


Le Focus Camera Club a reçu une mention d’honneur lors de la compétition de l’Open d’automne (30 novembre 2019)
Jacinthe Sam LeBlanc, du Focus Camera Club, a offert un atelier sur la photographie de personnes miniatures. De nombreux participants ont apprécié la création d’amusants scénarios, ce fut également un excellent atelier d’apprentissage et de créativité.

Sheldon Boles, FCAPA

Sheldon first picked up a 35mm camera in high school and later did some darkroom work with a professional photographer.

His experience with cameras evolved from film (Nikon Spotmatic and Canon AE-1 to the Canon digital systems.

Sheldon has capture images in his various moves across Canada as well as his trips to Africa, Europe, Central America and throughout North America.

In joining CAPA in 2011, he quickly accepted the role of a Competition Coordinator for several competitions and later became the CAPA Director of Competitions. In this role, he has coordinated and managed many national and international competitions.

With his experience as a webmaster, Sheldon was selected to be on the CAPA new website development team.

In 2017, Sheldon was awarded the Fellowship Honor (FCAPA) in recognition of exceptional photographic achievement and service to the Canada Association for Photographic Art.

Recently, Sheldon also took on the responsibilities of CAPA’s Competition Standards Chairperson.

New CAPA Judges

On Tuesday, Jan 14th, Rod Trider and Glenn Bloodworth presented CAPA Judging Certification certificates to 3 RA Photo Club members and 1 other Ottawa area CAPA member.

The new CAPA Certified judges are:

  • Michael Vuckovic
  • Mario Cerroni
  • Bill McCloskey
  • Manfred Mueller


Bill McCloskey. (left) with CAPA president Rod Trider (Photo by Michael Vuckovic)
Left to Right: Rod Trider, Michael Vuckovic, Mario Cerroni, Bill McCloskey (photo by Abby Gossage)
Michael Vuckovic (left) with Rod Trider (Photo by Michael Vuckovic)

Kayla Stevenson, FCAPA

Kayla has been a photographer since her teen years when she proudly used her first camera, a Kodak ‘Brownie’ to record a family trip to the Grand Canyon. Since then the technology and her gear have changed many times, but her enthusiasm for photography has not. She currently shoots with three cameras interchangeably – a Canon 7D Mark II DSLR, Sony a6000 Mirrorless and iPhone X, all with good capabilities for both still and video.

She loves to travel and has the good fortune and good health to be able to travel all over the world, including many trips to Africa, her favourite place for adventure and wildlife photography. More recently, her journey has taken her more towards artistic interpretations of her images, both in camera and in her digital darkroom, always exploring and learning new ways to present her photographic stories.

An active volunteer, Kayla serves on the Executive of the Langley Camera Club. She is also a CAPA Certified Judge. She has been a member of CAPA since 2010 and currently serves on the National Board as Director of Membership.

Présentation de médaille au Club photo impression


Remise de la médaille de bronze du concours nature et vie sauvage pour clubs que s’est mérité le Club photo impression lors d’une cérémonie à leurs locaux le 11 décembre 2019. La médaille a été présentée par Alain Dubeau (deuxième de la gauche), directeur de la Zone Québec à (gauche à droite) Michel Côté, Bernard Legault et Karen Poulsen. Étaient absente de la photo Gerlinde Parent, Danielle Abran et Renée Michaud.
Presentation of the bronze medal for the Nature and Wildlife competition for clubs that was awarded to the Club photo impression at a ceremony held at their meeting place on 11 December 2019. The medal was presented by Alain Dubeau (second from left), director of the Quebec Zone, to (left to right) Michel Côté, Bernard Legault and Karen Poulsen. Absent from the photo were Gerlinde Parent, Danielle Abran et Renée Michaud.

Lors de cette cérémonie qui s’est déroulée au Club photo impression, Michel Côté (à gauche sur la photo) a reçu le prix mérite de deuxième place pour sa participation dans le même concours de la part de Alain Dubeau, directeur de la zone Québec.
At the ceremony which took place at the Club photo impression, Michel Côté (left on the photo) was presented with a second place merit award for his participation in the same competition by Alain Dubeau, director of the Quebec Zone.





Vernissage du salon « mon pays/my country »

Vernissage du salon « mon pays/my country »

Trois gagnants des prix Olympus annoncés

Après un report initial pour cause d’intempéries, le vernissage du salon « mon pays/my country » a eu lieu au Musée national de la photographie Desjardins à Drummondville le dimanche 19 janvier. L’évènement a attiré de nombreux adeptes de la photographie, heureux de l’occasion de voir réunis à un seul endroit de si éloquents témoignages de la beauté du pays, de ses dix provinces et trois territoires. Cette exposition, une collaboration entre l’ACAP et le Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, a pu aussi compter sur le soutien de la société Olympus qui a généreusement offert des modèles de ses appareils photo comme prix aux trois meilleures photos en montre.

Un jury formé de Yannick Michaud, représentant d’Olympus, Jonathan Hugues Potvin, directeur général du Musée et Rod Trider, président de l’ACAP a évalué les trente-neuf photos pour en déterminer les gagnants. Ceux-ci ont été annoncés à la cérémonie d’ouverture : le premier prix à Michael Winsor (Terre-neuve et Labrador) pour « Magical Moment », le deuxième prix à Hong Zhang (Alberta) pour « Canadian Journey Through Land and History » et le troisième prix à Steve Donnelly (Manitoba) pour « Polar Bear Churchill ». Les photographes primés n’étant pas présents à Drummondville, leurs prix leur seront remis ultérieurement.
Le public pourra visiter le Salon au Musée national de la photographie, situé au 400 rue Hériot, Drummondville Québec ( jusqu’au 29 mars 2020.


Opening of the Salon “mon pays/my country”

Three winners of Olympus prizes announced

After initially being postponed because of weather, the Salon “mon pays/my country” was officially opened at the Musée national de la photographie Desjardins on Sunday 19 January 2020. The event attracted numerous fans of photography, delighted at the opportunity of seeing united in one place such an eloquent testimonial to the beauty of this country, its ten provinces and three territories. This exhibition, the result of collaboration between CAPA and the Musée national de la photographie Desjardins was also privileged to be able to count on the support of Olympus Corporation who generously donated models of their cameras as prizes for the three best photos on display.

A jury including Yannick Michaud, representing Olympus, Jonathan Hugues Potvin, general manager of the Musée and Rod Trider, president of CAPA, evaluated the thirty-nine photographs to determine the winners. These were announced at the opening ceremony: first prize to Michael Winsor (Newfoundland and Labrador) for “Magical Moment”, second prize to Hong Zhang (Alberta) for “Canadian Journey Through Land and History” and third prize to Steve Donnelly (Manitoba) for “Polar Bear Churchill”. Since the prize winners were not present in Drummondville, their prizes will be presented to them at a later date.

The public can visit the Salon at the Musée national de la photographie Desjardins located at 400, rue Hériot, Drummondville, Québec ( from now until 29 March 2020.

Mon pays - my country
Michel Doyon – président/President, Musée national de la photographie Desjardins
Mon pays - my country
Alain Dubeau, directeur Zone Québec ACAP/Director Québec Zone CAPA
Rod Trider (à gauche/left), président ACAP/President CAPA Jonathan Hugues Potvin, directeur général/Director General, Musée national de la photographie Desjardins
Yannick Michaud, Olympus
Mon pays - my country
Visiteurs au vernissage du Salon/Visitors at the Salon’s opening
Mon pays - my country
Visiteurs au vernissage du Salon/Visitors at the Salon’s opening
Mon pays - my country
Isabelle Lévesque, Club Photo Focus, Moncton NB




Cours de juge en français — Montréal

Cours de juge en français

Ce cours, organisé par le Club Photo Impression de Montréal, sera donné le samedi 21 mars 2020 à un maximum de 40 participants.

Plus d’informations seront publiées sur la page des cours de jugement.

Judging course in French

This course, organized by the Club Photo Impression de Montréal, will be given on Saturday March 21, 2020 to a maximum of 40 participants.

The ACAP Judgment Manual will be provided to you. All you need is a pencil and an open mind.

More information, please go to the judging courses page.

Awards to the London Camera Club in January

GerryAlger 1
GerryAlger 2
GerryAlger 3
GerryAlger 4
GerryAlger 5

November 30th C.A.P.A. Open Competition

London Camera Club Awards Presentation – Jan. 02, 2020

Image Captions l. to r.

  1. Gerry Alger – CAPA Rep. – presents silver medal to Gail Nichol – LCC Vice-President
  2. L to R – Steve Donnelly, Julie Hay, Bill Niessen, Bruce Farrer and Gerry Alger (absent: Bruce Laing and Laurie Milne)
  3. Gerry Alger presents 2nd place Merit Award – person category – to Steve Donnelly for his ‘Himba Mother’ image (which lost out first place in a tie breaker).
  4. Gerry Alger presents the Second Merit Award – close-up category – to Bill Niessen for his image entitled ‘Red-Eyed Tree Frog’ (28 – second highest mark awarded in the competition).
  5. Julie Hay receives the 3rd place Merit Award for her image ‘Frog on Flower’ and an Honorable Mention rosette for her 4-image portfolio from Gerry Alger.

LCC Vice-President, Gail Nichol accepts the Second-Place Silver medal for the six-image Club entry which scored 149.5 of the 180 possible points.

The six LCC photographers whose images were chosen to represent the Club were: Steve Donnelly, Julie Hay, Bill Niessen, Bruce Farrer, Bruce Laing and Laurie Milne.

C.A.P.A. member, Julie Hay (also a member of the London Camera Club) entered her four-image portfolio into the Nov. 30th Individual Competition.  Julie received a 3rd Place Merit Award (close-up category) for her image ‘Frog on Flower’ (missed out second place in a tie-breaker). She also received an Honorable Mention Award for her portfolio.

International Salon of Photography Results

Once again, the 126th International Salon of Photography, hosted by CAPA member club Toronto Camera Club, was a great success.

This internationally recognized competition closed on November 12, 2019 and received photos from top photographers in countries around the world including: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam and Wales.

The salon consisted of six sections: Nature, Pictorial Open (Colour), Pictorial Open (Mono), Photojournalism, Print Open (Colour) and Prints Open (Mono). Each section had its own judging panel. There were 227 medals and ribbons awarded.

Congratulations to the following CAPA members who received awards:


  • IIana Block’s image “For Kit Surprise Pounce” – FIAP Gold Medal
  • He Zhao’s image “Spiral Staircase” – IAAP Gold Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “A Family” – FIAP Silver Medal
  • Suzanne Huot’s image “Cheetah Mothers Prize” – PSA Silver Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “Flying Flamingos Over The Lake” – CAPA Bronze Medal
  • IIana Block’s image “Silver Phase Red Fox With Dinner In The Rain” – CAPA Ribbon
  • John Lyon’s image “Western Bluebird Pair” – CAPA Ribbon
  • Robert Parker’s image “Feeding Frenzy” – IAAP Ribbon
  • Wenjun Jin’s image “Flying Over Dreams” – IAAP Ribbon
  • Claude Gauthier’s image “Polar Bear Young Bull Vs Old” – TCC Ribbon

Pictorial Open (Colour)

  • He Zhao’s image “Flamingo Over Lake” – PSA Gold Medal
  • Neal Weisenberg’s image “Adele Diving 1” – IAAP Silver Medal
  • Luba Citrim’s image “My Ride Arrived” – PSA Bronze Medal
  • Luba Citrim’s image “Destiny” – TCC Bronze Medal
  • Adrienne Zoe’s image “Fruit of the Vine” – FIAP Ribbon
  • He Zhao’s image “Chicago Flamino Scuplture” – IAAP Ribbon
  • Robert Parker’s image “Bluebird And Blossoms” – PSA Honourable Mention
  • Yang Jiao’s image “Midnight Sun And Iceberg At Greenland” – TCC Ribbon
  • Daniel Rondeau’s image “Petals And Tendril” – TCC Ribbon

Pictorial Open (Mono)

  • He Zhao’s image “Spiral Staircase” – IAAP Gold Medal
  • Jean Wang’s image “Absolute Twin Towers From My View” – IAAP Ribbon
  • He Zhao’s image “Staircase” – CAPA Ribbon
  • Yang Jiao’s image “Giraffe Affection” – TCC Ribbon


  • Glenn Springer’s image “Rainy Ride” – FIAP Ribbon

Print Open (Colour)

  • Gareth Jones’s image “Insect Vision” – TCC Gold Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “Morning Activities” – IAAP Silver Medal
  • Wenjun Jin’s image “Overlooking Lake Magadi03” – TCC Silver Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “Playing Children” – PSA Bronze Medal
  • Mike Wooding’s image “European Skippers” – IAAP Bronze Medal
  • Leah Gray’s image “High Tide” – CAPA Ribbon
  • Mike Wooding’s image “Anna’s Hummingbird at Bluebell 2” – IAAP Ribbon
  • Wenjun Jin’s image “Overlooking Lake Magadi02” – TCC Ribbon
  • Jack Pasht’s image “Fourth Beach” – TCC Ribbon
  • Jasmine Suo’s image “Snowy Owl Banding” – TCC Ribbon
  • Wenjun Jin’s image “Overlooking Lake Magadio1” – PSA Honourable Mention

Print Open (Mono)

  • Ying Shi’s image “Pattern” – TCC Gold Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “Flying Over The Lake” – CAPA Bronze Medal
  • Gareth Jones’ image “Backwards Time” – TCC Bronze Medal
  • Ann Alimi’s image “King” – FIAP Ribbon

The winning images and a complete listing of the entrants and awards received are on the Salon  website.

Atlantic Zone Competition 2020

CAPA Atlantic Zone Competition 2020 (Pilot Project)

I am pleased to make this announcement with the agreement of Sheldon Boles, CAPA Competition Director.

As a pilot project CAPA Atlantic Zone (AZ) will conduct a competition. The submitted images will be judged by 3 CAPA Certified Judges. Here is the description of it.

Who is eligible: CAPA Individual/Family Members in the AZ and All current members of the CAPA Club Members in the AZ

Theme: Open (no sub themes)

Closing Date: April 20, 2020

Submission: 1 or 2 images per member sent to with the title of your email as “CAPA Atlantic Competition Submission”. Please be advised that the image (s) you send must be in the size described in the Image Specifications below.

Rules: Please read the rules at and follow the instructions for submission. (Editing Criteria, Eligibility Criteria, Image Specifications, and Judging Criteria)

Awards: Only for individual images not the total scores of the 2 images\

Best regards,

Michiko Nishijima
CAPA Atlantic Zone Director

Scholarship and Educational Donation

During 2019 we were pleased to receive a sizeable donation from one of Canada’s Leading Procurement Training Organizations. This company has a program whereby they allocate funds to their employee to make charitable donations to a charity of the employees’ choice. As a result, Grant from this Company, choose CAPA as his Charity of choice. As Grant is interested in expanding his interest in photography he chooses to donate to CAPA.

Thank you for this donation.

As an ongoing program, CAPA would be pleased to receive further donations to expand the CAPA Scholarship and Educational Fund. Receipts for income tax purposes will be provided for all donations. Click here for more information.

Len Suchan,
CAPA Treasurer

salon mon pays – my country

Trois gagnants des prix Olympus annoncés
Three winners of Olympus prizes announced
click here for English

Ouverture imminente du salon « Mon pays/My Country »

Le salon « Mon pays/My Country », organisé conjointement par l’ACAP et le Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, ouvrira ses portes le janvier 2020. Cet évènement, une première collaboration de ce genre entre l’ACAP et le Musée, exposera 39 photographies de membres de l’ACAP, choisies pour représenter les dix provinces et les trois territoires du Canada. Le vernissage, ouvert aux membres individuels et aux membres des clubs membres de l’ACAP, aura lieu le dimanche 19 janvier à 14 h au Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, 400 rue Hériot, Drummondville, Québec.

Voir les images gagnantes du concours ici:

Imminent Opening of the Salon “Mon pays/My Country”

National Museum of PhotographyThe salon “Mon pays/My Country” organized jointly by CAPA and the Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, will be open to the public in January 2020. This event, the first collaborative effort of this kind between CAPA and the Musée, will showcase 39 photographs by CAPA members, chosen to represent Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories. The opening ceremony, to which all CAPA individual members as well as members of CAPA clubs are invited, will take place on Sunday, 19 January at 2 PM at the Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, 400 rue Hériot, Drummondville, Québec.

View the competition winning images here:

cliquez ici pour le français

2019 Focus Camera Club Awards

In 2019 Focus Camera Club collected many awards, honors and medal.

We took advantage of our Christmas dinner to offer the prizes to our wonderful members. Some did receive it during our regular meetings. My Country contest had 3 winners from the Focus Camera Club,

  • NB (Guy Brun et Maurice Melanson)
  • PEI (Isabelle Levesque)

Find the time to go see the exhibit at The Drummondville National Museum of Photography in Drummondville, Quebec.

We hope that in 2020 our members will continue to collect many awards and demonstrate their talents.

Our photographer is Daniel Beaudry, Mathieu Chiasson and Jan Van’t Veld

Also Focus Camera Club members work like ants on the CCC2021. Committees are set, task assign…

En 2019 Focus Camera Club à collectionnés les prix, honneurs et médailles.

Nous avons profité de notre souper de Noël pour offrir les prix à nos merveilleux membres. D’autre ont reçu leur prix lors de nos rencontre régulières. Nous avons aussi 4 images de membres de notre club qui ont gagnés pour représenter le

  • NB (Guy Brun et Maurice Melanson)
  • et l’IPE (Isabelle Levesque)

Prenez le temps d’aller voir l’exposition au Musée de la photographie Desjardins à Drummondville, Québec.

Nous espérons quand 2020 nos membres continueront à récolter de nombreux prix et démontré leurs talents.

Nos photographes sont Daniel Beaudry, Mathieu Chiasson et Jan Van’t Veld

Les membres du Focus Camera Club travaillent aussi comme les fourmis à la planification de CCC de 2021.

Isabelle L. DR


Maurice Melanson (This is his second gold medal)
Parrot of the Sea – Nature-Le nature 28
Forever Flowing – Landscape-Paysages 27
Pine Drop – Botanical-Botanique 26.5 2nd Merit Botany
The Predator’s Jewels – Nature-Le nature 25.5
Total 107 Gold Medal

Guy Brun
Are you steeling my fish – Nature-Le nature
Love is in the air – Nature-Le nature
Its hard to not notice me – Wildlife-Vie sauvage
Long day for the snowy egret – Wildlife-Vie sauvage
Total 98.5 Honourable Mention

Claire LeBlanc
Colors of nature – Landscape-Paysages
Amazing grace – Landscape-Paysages
Rock of wonder – Landscape-Paysages
Very violet – Botanical-Botanique
Total 98 Honourable Mention

Mathieu Chiasson
Fundy Sunset – Nature-Le nature
Motherly protection – Wildlife-Vie sauvage
Just passing by – Wildlife-Vie sauvage
It’s my leaf – Wildlife-Vie sauvage
Total 96.5 Honourable Mention


Don Lewis – In autumn leaves every leaf is a flower 26.5 2nd merit
Jocelyne Gagnon – Pink Lupin – 25.5 3rd merit


Claire LeBanc (left) receives an Honourable Mention Award
Guy Brun
Guy Brun (left) receives an Honourable Mention Award
Mathieu Chiasson (right) receives an Honourable Mention Award
Maurice Melanson (right) receives a 2nd Merit Award (Botany)
Maurice Melanson (right) receives a Gold Medal
Jocelyn Ganon (right) receives a 3rd Merit Award


FIAP Distinctions

Federation Internationale de L'Art Photographique (FIAP)CAPA is the Canadian operational member of FIAP (Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique). All operational members are the sole national federations or associations for sovereign states that are members of the United Nations.

As a CAPA member you can apply through CAPA for photographic distinctions from FIAP. For more information, go to the CAPA FIAP page.

Multiple Exposures

by Lynda Miller

There are many paths in a photographer’s creative journey. Here I have shared some of the ideas and experiences
of mine, and hope I have encouraged you to become engaged with your creative life through your camera’s lens. If you are looking to expand your creative vision give Multiple Exposure photography a try.

Read More >> (.pdf)

Canadian Camera Article by Lynda Miller
by Lynda Miller