Harbour City Photography Club

Harbour City Photography Club is pleased to announce that Freeman Patterson will doing a virtual presentation of “A Call to Creativity” to our club on January 19th, 2021 from 6:30PM to 9:00PM and we are inviting you to join us for a fee of $10.00 ($11.62 with taxes and service charges). Tickets are available through Eventbrite at the following link: 

Prince George Photographic Society

Only in Canada…the Prince George Photographic Society held a properly distanced outdoor gathering on Saturday November 7 in the fairground parking lot to give out awards to the club members who participated in the CAPA Pacific Zone Challenge. Members brought chairs to form a circle and wore masks. There was bright sun and a stiff wind with freezing temperatures. Some parts of the city had snow overnight but the fairground was clear. Photo provided by club president, Debbie Malm.




PDPC presents the 17th Annual Photomotion

Pacific Digital Photography Club presents the 17th Annual Photomotion. Photography, music and storytelling: a juried selection of slideshows set to music.


  • Photomotion is connecting with you virtually in 2020
  • Shows will be presented online, free of charge
  • Beginning November 14, please check our website for the presentation link: www.pdpc.ca
  • Enjoy the creative photography of our members and our guest photographer, from the comfort of your home
  • PDPC would like to thank our patrons for their incredible support for the past 16 years









2021 CCC in Moncton – Cancelled

Canadian Camera Conference 2021: Due to the current state of the pandemic, unlikely improvement any time soon, and concerns for the safety of all involved, we have cancelled the Canadian Camera Conference that was scheduled for June 2021. A big thanks to the Moncton Organizing Committee and Focus Camera Club for all the work they have done. Watch this space for news of future Conferences.

Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club

Each year NFRCC (Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club) and the OCCC (Ontario Council of Camera Clubs) has a friendly competition. There will be 230 images in total in this competition 115 from NFRCC Clubs and 115 from OCCC Clubs. This is a great opportunity to see high quality images in competition, watch the live judging and get a feel for how images are judged.

Date: Nov 21, 2020 – 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. You can for this event for $10.00. Please visit  nfrcc.org/nfrcc-vs-occc-2020 for information and registration

NFRCC Speaker Series – 12 speakers of a 12 month period Sep 14, 2020 thru Aug 2021

Although 3 speakers have presented already if you sign up for the Speaker Series now you will receive access to the recording of those 3 speakers presentations, so that you do not miss out on any of the content. $45.00 CDN including HST. You can also choose to sign up for individual speakers at $10.00 CDN including HST

Please visit nfrcc.org/nfrcc-speaker-series for information and registration


BC/Yukon Inter Club Speakers Series

Numerous BC\Yukon photography clubs have been meeting over Zoom since the pandemic started, primarily to share ideas on how to keep clubs engaged while we can’t meet. Out of this collaboration, a Speaker Series featuring four Canadian photographers was launched. The intent of this initiative was to use our collective human and financial resources to bring in presenters that clubs might not normally be able to afford. The series was open to any club in BC or the Yukon willing to share the cost of the speakers. Victoria Camera Club kindly offered to host the speakers on their Zoom platform and CAPA Pacific Zone generously sponsored the cost of upgrading Victoria’s Zoom platform to accommodate more attendees. Twenty-five BC\Yukon clubs signed up.

  • Richard Martin –  Monday, November 23rd, 2020 – Hosted by Victoria Camera Club, will be held on November 23, 2020 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
  • Jeffrey Wu – Friday, January 8th, 2021 Hosted by Sunshine Coast Camera Club, will be held on January 8th, 2021 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
  • Laura Letinski – Friday, March 26, 2021 – Hosted by Tri-City Photography Club, will be held on March 26th, 2021 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
  • George Barr – Friday, May 14, 2021 – Hosted by Richmond Photo Club, will be held on May 14th, 2021 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
To be eligible to register you must be a member of a BC/Yukon Club that has signed up for this series. For more information visit the Victoria Camera Club website.

CAPA Honours Awarded

We are pleased to announce two new Fellowship CAPA members. FCAPA has been awarded to Glenn Bloodworth and Leah Gray. We like to make these awards in public with the appropriate photos to record the event. In this time of COVID-19 awarding these honours in person is somewhat difficult. The public presentations may be delayed a bit, but we do want to congratulate these two deserving photographers. Take a look at their websites for some serious eye-candy from these outstanding image makers.


Glenn Boodworth, FCAPA  www.glennbloodworth.com

Congratulations to Glenn, the Ontario Zone Director & Judges Liaison. Along with his services to CAPA, Glenn has been actively involved at his local club, the R.A. Photo Club in Ottawa. He has exhibited his photographic art in Toronto, Ottawa and surrounding areas. His works are in private and corporate collections as well the City of Ottawa.

Leah Gray, FCAPA

Congratulations to Leah, a dedicated CAPA member and former Web Manager, Leah has been successful in a number of photographic competitions at the local, national and international levels. She is active in her local club the Victoria Camera Club and within the Pacific region.

Leah Gray









Foothills Camera Club Stays in Touch


In an ordinary year, the Foothills Camera Club would hold a year-end Awards Banquet the first week of June. However, this year we had to find an alternative way to honour our award winners. We stepped into the world of Zoom.

We held a Zoom Awards meeting in August and while we could mail out the certificates and ribbons, how were we going to distribute our trophies? Throughout the next month, the Club President and her husband arranged to meet each of the trophy winners outside at their homes – physically distancing, enjoying the in-person connection, and sharing conversation with the members.

A good way to keep in touch and to grow mutual excitement about the upcoming year!


























The GCPA Invites You

The Global Chinese Photography Association invites you to participate in the 2nd GCPA International Photography Exhibition 2020. www.gcpa.club

The 2nd Annual GCPA International has seven digital sections:

  1. Open Color
  2. Open Mono
  3. Nature
  4. Landscape Color
  5. Photojournalism
  6. Portrait
  7. Horse-Themed

Entry rules: www.gcpa.club/Default/Rules.aspx

Closing date: 2 November 2020

All participants of the competition will receive a digital catalogue of the photo salon.

For more information contact: contest2020@gcpa.photo


Black and White Photography – Finding Your Focus

By Doug Caplan


As one navigates around a scene or structure, the perspective and the relationships between the multiple facets and surfaces change, yet they always seem to remain complimentary to the structure as a whole.

In many ways, one can draw a parallel between perfection and non-perfection, both existing as two sides of the same coin, and can therefore be considered a single entity.

This is an important concept I try to capture with my art and, to me, is the essence of black and white photography.

One of the key elements I always seek to exploit when composing my images, particularly in black and white, are patterns of repetition. Patterns do not exist in the universe; patterns “are” the universe, so when approaching a subject, keeping this thought helps me construct the image composition in my mind.

It’s important to know the images I capture are for the sole purpose of self-reflection or expression and are not created to convince anyone of anything. It’s just self-expression I choose to share.

In my opinion, many artists put too much value in how others view their work. To be viewed as authentic, the work should flow from the inner-self outward. Inner-self creates ideas and the ideas move outward to be shared or expressed. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. There is only an expression that exists.

Once you give yourself permission to create without expectation or the need for validation you will find that creativity flows more freely.

My monochromatic odyssey started about 25 years ago. I started to attend Ampro Photo Workshops in Vancouver so I could learn the art and science of photography. Building a fully functioning darkroom was priority number one, so I built one in my home and started developing my own black and white film and producing my own prints. I upgraded to a Mamiya 645 medium format camera and got down to business.

Looking back at my early work I can’t help but think to myself “What was I thinking??!!” I was missing the point completely. I had some good work, but I was missing authenticity. But not all was lost. I learned a lot about tonality, shape, composition, contrast and luminosity, all critical components of black and white photography.

It wasn’t a technical issue that left me with incomplete ideas. I failed to realize my efforts were focused too much on interpersonal communication and I lacked the awareness of myself. I needed to understand INTRApersonal communication.

Interpersonal communication is how you communicate with others. This is an important skill, but to express creativity, INTRApersonal skill needs to be developed. INTRApersonal means how you communicate with yourself.

Black and white photography is an excellent vehicle to develop your INTRApersonal communication skills. You can’t hide behind colour, poor composition or a lack of clarity. There is nothing to distract from what is expressed.

There is no right or wrong so the only way to view your work objectively from your own perspective is to view it from a different point of view. For me, a different point of view was from where I was currently but looking back to where I was formerly.

Life experiences and events force most people to look at things differently as time passes. Life doesn’t happen to us, life happens for us. It may be difficult to accept, but there is no built-in meaning to anything. We apply filters given to us by others to determine what is good or bad. You can only communicate INTRApersonally to someone who you truly value. From this vantage point your awareness will expand and your point of view will shift.

Simplicity is an expression of complexity. Conversely, complexity is an expression of simplicity. Lack of clarity or focus is the death of all potential. In other words, when you try to create something out of complexity, without clarity, you get a confused expression of creativity. Black and white photography, much more than color photography, distills this equation into the essence of what your creative expression is saying. Keeping your attention on the “simplicity” aspect of everything will yield clarity.

A message can only be understood if it is a cohesive and clear. If someone starts speaking to you using nothing but random words, you would have no idea what that person was trying to say to you.

Try this exercise. Pick your 10 best images. Print them and look at them all simultaneously. You can also do this on a computer monitor. Is there a creative expression that spans the 10 images or are they just random images? Is there something in those 10 images that says “This is an expression of me?” Where is the compass needle pointing?

One of the best photographic exercises I learned was to go out with a roll of black and white film and a camera with a fixed lens and then take 10-15 images on a single theme within a single linear period of time – by myself. This exercise forces you to apply “filters” to your creative thought process and to minimize any distractions.

The majority of my work is done in colour, but the years spent working in black and white photography forced me to learn how to communicate with myself. The years spent in the darkroom taught me the art of pre-visualization and how to translate my creativity into something that I felt was worth sharing.

My current camera is a Fujifilm XT2 with Fujinon lenses. All of my work is done in 16bit, from a 14bit raw file. I prefer to work from a raw image in 16bit to achieve maximum quality. Fujifilm XT2 raw files are about 50MB each and saved as 14bit @ 300dpi. Raw image files are unprocessed and uncompressed, which means that I have total control over virtually every aspect of the image and I don’t have to worry about image deterioration from any type of filter application or processing.  Jpeg images are compressed and pre-processed 8bit images @ 72dpi, making them very prone to deterioration from any type of cumulative processing.

All of my work is done in Adobe Photoshop with Topaz and NIK filters.

Doug Caplan resides in Langley, B.C. His work can be seen at www.douglasedwardcaplan.com

Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia

Due to the pandemic, our usual meeting place, the Museum of Natural History became unavailable in late March 2020. We cancelled all our meetings and activities for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season and our Executive held several online meetings throughout the summer to test online solutions and decide about the upcoming year. We knew that the Museum would not be available (if at all) until later in the 2020-2021 season, so we have decided to keep our regular schedule and move to online meetings using the WebEx platform to protect our membership, many of whom are seniors. By adopting Public Health Guidelines, wearing masks and maintaining physical distancing, we have also been able to safely have outdoor field trips.

The Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia (PGNS) is a member of CAPA and PSA (Photographic Society of America) and we participate in interclub competitions in both organizations. To keep active in these competitions, we developed an in-house solution for online judging, as the available options did not fully meet our requirements. With this, we think that the Guild is ready for the challenging new season.

Our PSA Representative, Viki Gaul, brought to the Executive’s attention that Lisa Langell, a renowned photographer from Arizona was offering free webinars to PSA clubs. Lisa was happy to hear from us and we set up a date and time for the webinar, titled “The Power of Contrast”. Lisa mentioned that we were free to invite other clubs in the region.

In the spirit of the Atlantic Bubble, we invited the CAPA members and clubs in Atlantic Region as well as other non-CAPA clubs in Nova Scotia to join us for the talk. When Lisa started her presentation, we enjoyed a little over 100 photographers on the webinar.

Lisa’s webinar focused on how contrast leads our eyes around the image. She used great examples and interactive audience participation during the presentation to prove this for the attendees. Although many of us knew how the contrast can be used to enhance the images, we learned a bit more about the of psychology of this process and how to use it effectively.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank Lisa Langell (https://www.langellphotography.com) for her presentation and all the photographers in the Atlantic Region who joined us to participate in this excellent webinar.

The PGNS will have many more webinars during the coming months as we remain online until the end of this pandemic.

Laszlo Podor (President of PGNS) and Joyce S.K. Chew (Halifax District CAPA Rep)

Invitation to all Camera Clubs in British Columbia and Yukon     

Celebration of Nature Photography 2020

Lions Gate Camera Club is pleased to invite all camera clubs in British Columbia and Yukon  to enter our 15th annual photograph competition.

Celebration of Nature Photography 2020

All images submitted for this competition will be judged by a panel of three leading nature photographers completely independent of Lions Gate Camera Club.

Each club is invited to submit up to eight images of our natural world. This year we will use the CAPA guidelines for Nature/Wildlife photography.

Clubs intending to enter this year’s competition should contact the Lions Gate Camera Club President,        Tony Keen at tkeen@shaw.ca  on or before October 1, 2020.

The deadline for submissions and entry fees is November 1, 2020.

All entry submissions are to be made electronically to lionsgatecnp2020@gmail.com  via www.wetransfer.com

Please do not use our web site for submission of images.

The entry fee for each club is $30.00.

We look forward to receiving your entry and wish your club and members every success in this competition

Focus Camera Club

Summer is almost over and Focus Camera club (FCC) is gearing up for a fun-filled year of speakers from near and far, an educational component as well as many outings to ensure our membership is fully engaged and enjoy their passion.

In June 2020, we celebrated the year-end award in Irishtown Park. FCC awards its top members each year in the beginner, novice and advance groups. This year’s in the beginner group Shannon Testar 1 st, Katherine Bauer 2 nd and Jacques LeBlanc 3 rd were the recipient of the awards. In the novice group, Stella d’Entremont was awarded 1 st, Jean-Guy Gallant 2 nd and Andrea Milburn 3 rd. The 1 st place winner for the advance group was Paul Girouard, 2 nd was Mathieu Chiasson and 3 rd was Jacinthe, LeBlanc. That evening, we also gave out the three individual category awards. Isabelle Levesque received the Ken Dunphy award, JP Francis received the Brian Thompson award and Jacinthe LeBlanc received the Freeman Patterson award.

Due to Covid-19, we have been limited in our outings this summer. In late July we organized a photo outing to the Irving Arboretum. It was well attended, and we look forward to organizing many more events for our 2020-2021 season. Our registration has opened for the new season and we are already passed, 70 members.

Are you eligible for a CAPA Honours Award?

CAPA Honours

What are CAPA Honours?

  • CAPA Honours are awarded to recognize a high standard of both photographic achievement and photographic service to CAPA.

What are the benefits of CAPA Honours?

  • Recognition by your peers of your photographic excellence and service to the greater photographic community.
  • The privilege and right to list your Honours level after your name and on your resume.

How are CAPA Honours awarded?

  • Members may self-refer or be recommended by any CAPA Individual member.
  • An application is forwarded to the Honours Committee at honours@capacanada.ca
  • Once the committee determines that the applicant meets the qualifications, the award is presented to the applicant.

What Honour awards are available:

  • Maple Leaf Honour (MCAPA)
  • Associateship Honour (ACAPA)
  • Fellowship Honour (FCAPA)
  • Various Certificates of Honour are also available to clubs and individuals.

Where can I get further information?

The Honours Committee welcomes applications from members for these amazing awards.

Canadian Camera Conference 2021

We regret to announce, due to the pandemic, the 2021 Canadian Camera Conference in Moncton is cancelled.

CAPA would like to thank the CCC Moncton team, FOCUS Camera Club for all the effort they put in in to what was sure to have been a great conference. We look forward to a future CCC in the Atlantic Zone.


Having organized the 27th CCC, here in Moncton – New Brunswick, back in 1997, FOCUS Camera Club is thrilled to host CCC for a second time. We are thrilled by the prospect of welcoming speakers, as well as fellow photographers, from all around Canada.

Join us June 25-27, 2021 and be inspired by A TIDE OF DISCOVERIES including renowned speakers and breathtaking locations! Experience the down east hospitality that Moncton and the entire province is famous for.

Let yourself be carried away by the highest tides in the world when you visit us in June 2021. www.ccc2021.com

CCC2021 Presents:

André Gallant is a professional photographer who lives in Saint John, New Brunswick. Accomplished editorial photographer, Gallant travels the world in pursuit of expressive images.

André Gallant est un photographe professionnel qui vit à Saint John, au Nouveau-Brunswick. Photographe éditorial accompli, Gallant parcourt le monde à la recherche d’images expressives.







Denis Duquette is a commercial portrait photographer based in Moncton NB. His work has taken him to every province in Canada, the United States, Iceland and North Africa.

Denis est un photographe de portrait commercial basé à Moncton, au Nouveau-Brunswick. Son travail l’a mené dans toutes les provinces du Canada, aux États-Unis, en Islande et en Afrique du Nord.



CAPA National Judges Lists

All Zone Directors have recently been provided with updated copies, for distribution to their zone clubs, with two CAPA Judges lists. Each list is in a pdf and an Excel spreadsheet format. One is the “National On-Line Judges List”.  This has the name and contact information for judges in Canada who are willing to judge remotely, on-line, in club and zone competitions. The list includes both CAPA Certified Judges and CAPA CT Judges [CAPA trained judges who have applied and are undergoing evaluation to become accredited as a Certified Judge]. The second list is the respective “Zone Judges List”. This provides the name and contact information for all judges physically located in the specific zone who are willing to do live, in-person, judging in club and zone competitions.

If a club has not as yet received a copy please contact your Zone Director or email me judgesliaison@capacanada.ca.

Glenn Bloodworth
CAPA Judges’ Liaison Officer/Officier de liaison des juges de l’ACAP

UPDATED Judging Practice – Pratique du Jugement

UPDATE: Saturday, Sept 26th, CAPA ran a “first” – a very successful french language zoom-based Judges Practice session. Thanks to the instructional efforts of Robert Laramée, Judging Course Instructor, and Michael Breakey, Director of Education, supported by the organizational skills of Glenn Bloodworth, Judges Liaison Officer, and Rod Trider, CAPA President, four ‘active’ and 19 ‘observer’ participants undertook a review of the CAPA Judging Course and completed three rounds of scoring and comments covering 24 images over two hours.

A zoom based French language session, will be held Sept 26, 2020.  You can register by emailing  judgesliaison@capacanada.ca. Specify whether you wish to attend as an active participant or as an observer.  This will be a ‘live’ judging event, commencing at 12:00pm EDT.  it will run some 2 hours and entail a short summary presentation on CAPA’s judging criteria and style, followed by ‘practice’ judging of some 40 images, encompassing a range of photographic genres. Preference for ‘active’ status will be accorded to CAPA Trained Judges currently on the National Judges List with the status of being evaluated to become a Certified CAPA Judge. 10 ‘active’ participants will be designated to score the images and offer oral comments. The ‘observers’ will watch and listen, for the experience as we all learn from each other.

Pour fournir aux juges, particulièrement à ceux qui ont suivi le cours de jugement de l’ACAP mais qui ne sont pas encore certifiés, l’occasion de travailler sur leurs compétences, nous offrons une séance Zoom de pratique de jugement (EN FRANÇAIS). Cette séance sera une expérience de jugement « en direct ». La séance comprendra 40 images couvrant la plupart des genres photographiques. La séance de pratique aura lieu le samedi 26 septembre: 12h00 – 14h00. Envoyez un courriel à judgesliaison@capacanada.ca. Précisez si vous souhaitez être « participant actif » ou « observateur ».  10 « participant actif » pourront faire des commentaires oraux sur les images et fournir des scores. Les autres – « les observateurs » – regarderont et écouteront l’exercice, pour permettre d’apprendre les uns des autres.  

Glenn Bloodworth
CAPA Judges’ Liaison Officer/Officier de liaison des juges de l’ACAP

Etobicoke Camera Club Virtual Presentations

Back in early March, our Board of Directors had growing concerns about this Covid-19 that was beginning to affect Toronto. Our club has a large senior membership and we decided to err on the side of caution for their sakes. We voted to shut down our weekly meetings for a 3 week period and assess the situation at the end of March. By the end of March everything was shut down everywhere. Our Board jumped onto Zoom and started planning out the remaining 6 weeks of the our season in a virtual platform. Our last two competitions were switched from live judging to online judging, our end of season AGM & Townhall meeting were done live on zoom as was our grand finale year end awards.

In order to provide some form of diversion for our many senior members who were self isolating, we began the Lockdown Challenge. A weekly photo challenge using a different subject each week that could easily be found in their own homes and gardens. Our subjects have ranged from, coffee cup, toys, lamp, light, water, blade, book, etc. We are currently still going strong with week 15 Reflections. We also meet every 2 weeks online in the Lockdown Challenge Cafe to discuss the past two weeks entries and connect with each other.

Throughout the summer, our Board which normally would be on hiatus has been meetings regularly to organize our next season. We reached the decision early to run the first half of our program totally virtual online. We have found presenters from across Canada who would work with us virtually. All our competition judging was shifted from live to online. Our program director and president have spoken to other clubs in Ontario and found that many will not be holding a season at all because of the challenges of hosting during this Covid-19 threat. So we decided to offer all our presentations on Eventbrite so that those people could still enjoy attending a photography talk.

Here is a link to our program calendar for this year and competitions calendar as well.


We are hoping that by January 1st we will be able to safely meet in large numbers again at our location. Our plan is to continue to provide weekly meetings live or recorded, as well as our presentations to those who might still be too afraid or at high risk of contracting Covid 19.

It’s been a huge learning curve for our Board and committee members. But I have been so thoroughly proud of how hard all of them have worked to make this upcoming season a go.

Be safe,

Barb Marszalek, Etobicoke Camera Club VP & Program Team Member

UPDATED World Photographic Cup 2021

Team Canada – World Photographic Cup – UPDATE

Hello fellow CAPA members.

In 2020, Canada will enjoyed its highest showing at the World Photographic Cup ever – 5th Place in the world! 4 Canadian Photographers finished in the Top 10 of their respective categories with 3 achieving medal status. These are exceptional results.

Welcome to the World Photographic Cup! I highly recommend that you go to their website to understand the organization and this competition.

In 2020 (teams assembled in 2019) there were 38 countries competing for the top spots. Close to 700 images in 6 categories vying for the right to call themselves the best.

It’s the Olympics of Photography.

Why do we have a Team Canada?

We have a Team Canada because 4 organizations (CAPA, CAPIC, NPAC, and PPOC) were able to reach out to their members and assemble a library of incredible images to choose from. WPC Team Canada is not affiliated with any specific national association – it transcends any specific organization and reaches out to all 4.

Each association allocates a representative and any resources they feel can help us put together a great team. PPOC is currently the financial and administrative sponsor, while NPAC provides strong support on the press release side. This year we were able to get national exposure thanks to NPAC. CAPA provided a strong judging contingent as well as some great training to our Co-Captains regarding understanding international judging.

Anyone can enter. Any Canadian who feels they have an image that is worthy of the international stage can enter. It can be from someone who does it for a living, or someone who happened to be at the right place at the right time with the right equipment. They don’t even have to belong to an association (although that does get you a small discount!).

What do you get out of it? If Photography is your business, you can get great marketing opportunities – from “I am on WPC Team Canada” to “I won a medal at the Olympics of Photography”. If Photography is not your business, then you go for the glory and the bragging rights!

It’s not for the faint of heart. I watched 60 top notch images in one category get whittled down to 10 – and then 3. Like the current state of the salary cap NHL, the difference between the 4th best image and the 20th best image was miniscule.

The judges are trained to choose the best images for INTERNATIONAL competition. Why is this important to you? Because it means you should not put in your favourite image from a North American competition but go to the World Photographic Cup and see what other nations judges love – see what did well in International Competition. The world is a big place, and there are a lot of different tastes in China, Japan, and Russia! Give yourself that edge and do your homework.

I look forward to seeing your entries. The portal will open in early June 2021. More images to choose from means a stronger team. A stronger team means that if you make it, you made in spite of greater odds. But you won’t make it if you don’t try.

I am always available for questions and always willing to help. Don’t hesitate to email me at geraldpdavid@me.com, or call me at (403) 816-9935.


Team Canada – World Photographic Cup

  • 18 images · 6 categories · 1 team
  • All Canadian Photographers are invited to submit images to the World Photographic Cup Team Canada for consideration.
  • We know that Canada has many of the best and most creative photographers in the world. Our goal is to get Canadian images showcased in this competition and go for gold.
  • We want Canada to be on the podium!
  • The submission link will be open from August 1-31, 2020
  •  Enter the World Photographic Cup:
  • Do it for yourself, do it for Canada


La Coupe du monde de la photographie – Équipe du Canada 2021

  • 18 images – 6 catégories – 1 équipe
  • Tous les photographes canadiens sont invités à soumettre des images à̀ l’équipe canadienne de la Coupe du monde de la photographie pour sélection.
  • Nous savons que le Canada compte plusieurs des meilleurs photographes et des plus créatifs au monde. Notre objectif est de présenter des images canadiennes dans cette compétition et de viser l’or.
  • Nous voulons que le Canada soit sur le podium !
  • Le lien de soumission sera ouvert du 1er au 31 août 2020
  • Participez à la Coupe du monde de la photographie :
  • faites-le pour vous, faites-le pour le Canada