CAPA President Henry Schnell, FCAPA

Henry, a Canadian, born in Europe, with a busy professional life, living and working on several continents. He speaks several languages and traveled abroad about 50% of his time. After 10 years in Chile, followed by 8 years in France he relocated back to Canada in 2011. This international background makes Henry open minded and appreciative of the variety of photographic possibilities.

Henry has been an avid photographer for over 50 years, starting in B&W, developing negatives in his closet at university, moving to color slides and his own darkroom. He is continually learning and enjoying the creativity of photography. In 1998 he discovered digital photography and it kindled new excitement and passion that further inspired his photography. Photography took a second place for many years, when engineering work took precedence, but now there is more time for photography with the advent of retirement.

There have been many special photographic voyages in the past years with many visits to Niger, Uganda, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa, around Europe and more recently to China, Vietnam, India and various parts of Central America.

Henry is a member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA), a certified CAPA judge. currently CAPA President. He has received Fellowship of CAPA in 2019 for his extensive photographic work, publications, and experience. He actively participates in workshops, local club meetings (Shuswap Photo and Kamloops Photo Clubs) and other events. His main interest is people in their natural settings, landscape photography and whatever else comes along to inspire his images.

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Enjoy a selection of Henry’s works below.

Queens Hamlet Versailles013
Henry Schnell   Tureg School Children
Henry Schnell   Shoemaker
Henry Schnell   Ostrich & Babes
Henry Schnell   Louis IV
Henry Schnell   Claude
Henry   Scnell   Chilcotin Fire   Car Glass
Hebry Schnell   Lion