Individual – Reconsider Original Score – Machinery

I have reviewed the judging scores for the 2020 Canada: My Country – Machinery Theme.

We have four images which have a variance of 3 or more in the judge’s scores.

Therefore, I am asking that you possibly reconsider your original score.  You are not obligated to change original score.  A judge’s score cannot be appealed.

Competition Scoring Chart

You are asked to use the CAPA Competition Scoring Chart included below to score the images presented to you.

CAPA Evaluation

We encourage you to use .5 scores which will permit a wider separation in scores and minimize the number of tie-breaking by the judges.

Viewing Checklist

  • Your desktop monitor with a minimum resolution of 1920 pixels wide, 32 bit colour.
  • Viewing distance from your monitor will be 24″ or 60.96 cm.
  • Your monitor meets these standards and that it has been recently calibrated using a colour calibrating device.

To check that your calibrated monitor is set at the correct brightness and resolution, we provide you with this standard monitor target image that you can download by clicking on this link.


You should be able to see all of the greyscale boxes, from white to black, the white dress should not be blown out and the colours should look normal. This target image is exactly 1400 x 1050 pixels and includes a 10 pixel wide RED border. If you cannot see the RED border then your monitor will not display the entire images without scroll bars.


  • Each “Save All” button saves all unsaved items. A red outline appears around these boxes indicating which images you have changed but not yet saved. It is recommended that you save often (every few images) so that you don’t lose any unsaved entries.
  • A small box at the bottom left of your screen keeps track of how many items you have completed.
  • You may also sort the images by using any of the available sort buttons at the top of the columns
  • Reloading the page will revert it to the original order
  • You are able to change your scores until you have completed your scoring form and press the “finished” button
  • If you have any images that you have not scored, when you press the “finished” button, it will prompt you to score those images
  • You are encouraged to sort the images by score and review your assigned scores before clicking ‘finished’

If you have any technical issues or any questions, please email for assistance.

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