Competition Judging page

Thank you for volunteering to be one of our judges.

Your assistance contributes to CAPA’s goal of promoting photography excellence in Canada.

For the following competitions, the CAPA members and camera clubs associated to CAPA have uploaded their images into our new online competition system.  They are ready to be judged.

As a judge, we have given you the appropriate access rights to view only the competitions which you were selected for.  Selecting the wrong competition will create an error message.

To proceed, please click on the competition(s) you are judging below:

4 Nations – Nature Competition 

Creative Altered Reality – Individual Competition

Creative Altered Reality – Club Competition

Open Theme – Individual Competition

Open Theme – Club Competition

Canada:My Country – Club Competition

Canada:My Country – Individual Competition

2018 Annual Photo Challenge

If you have any difficulties with the  judging process, please email me at

or our EntryWizard technical person, Lance Gitter at

Sheldon Boles

Director of Competitions