Welcome to our online judging system / Bienvenue dans notre système de jugement en ligne

Thank you for completing the initial round of judging.
After the initial round of judging of the MY COUNTRY-INDIVIDUAL-BRITISH COLUMBIA, 1 image(s) had a variance in scores of 3.0 or more points.
Since there is a significant variance in the score of specific images, we are asking to review your initial score.
You are not obligated to make changes if you are satisfied with your original score.
An entrant cannot appeal a judge’s score.

In addition, judges will be encouraged to communicate with each other to discuss their observations and concerns about a specific image.
An email has been sent to the judges so that you can contact each other for this purpose.

When you have finished your reconsideration process, please press the “finished button” on the judging page and email

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