Bio and Portfolio – Pacific Zone Director

Bio and Portfolio - Pacific Zone Director

I enjoyed the countryside of the foothills and farm life where I grew up in Central Alberta.

Over 20 years ago my interest in photography was an interest in digitizing family slides. With absolutely no computer skills I read every book I could get my hands on that would help me get a grasp on editing digital images.

Then I discovered the OPAW photographic workshops held here in Kelowna where I met many experienced people and discovered there was a photo club in Kelowna! At our Central Okanagan Photographic Society, I found more people willing to help me with my photographic skills.

I love using all the tools and equipment that are available to express my photographic vision. My camera now has features that allow me to capture Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and Multiple Exposures onto its sensor! Editing in Photoshop then allows me to continue to enhance the expression and feeling I saw and felt when I pressed my camera’s shutter.

I think volunteering must be in my blood as I soon found myself on our club’s executive and eventually became President. This led me on to our CAPA organization and, continuing there I became the District Representative for our Central Interior District. Currently I represent the Pacific Zone as the Zone Director for CAPA.

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A selection of my work is below.