Bio and Portfolio – Director of Communications

Bio and Portfolio - Director of Communications

Parvez Khatib is an emerging artist, working primarily in oils and photography. He often employs subtle hues, movement and elements in his representational landscapes, both in paintings and images.

Parvez is an avid photography enthusiasts since early 1980’s when he first picked up a point-and-shoot camera. He has won numerous awards for his images in both club and inter-club competitions. Parvez is an accredited judge in photographic art with the Canadian Association of Photographic Art (CAPA) since 2013 and the Ontario Council of Camera Clubs (OCCC), since 2006. He has judged for camera clubs and inter-club photography competitions and salons, both Canadian and Internationally.

Presenting oils inspired by landscapes, he developed a passion for painting at an early age and participated in art competitions in school, winning awards at inter-school competitions. After graduating from university in 1989 he pursued a career in healthcare and clinical research, all the while pursuing his passion for photography actively in local photography clubs.

Parvez rediscovered his love for painting in 2010 and started to paint in a workshop with Hamilton based master painter Johannes Vloothuis, who is a well known art instructor with F&W Media. He has participated in exhibitions in the GTA and Hamilton.

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