Bio and Portfolio – CAPA President

Bio and Portfolio - CAPA President

Stella d’Entremont is fluently bilingual French Acadian, fourth generation Métis, originally from a quaint fishing village of West Pubnico in Southwestern Nova Scotia. She studied Fashion Design and photography at Chamberlayne Junior College in Boston Massachusetts.  Returning to Canada in 1986, she followed a different career path as a Certified Financial Planner.  At the end of her career, she was the Regional Director Atlantic Estate & Financial Planning Services at Sun Life Financial. She retired two years ago, and is perusing her love of photography and art.  She recently was awarded a grant from The Canada Council for the Arts and is currently working on her project; “Donner une voix aux Acadiennes de la génération silencieuse”.  She has had the opportunity to travel within Canada, USA and Europe.  She is looking forward to post Covid-19 when she and her husband will be able to return to their plan trips.   The spiritual and physical connection that she receives when she is out and about photographing is present in her photographs.    


Stella was the President of Focus Camera Club in Moncton for the last few years and still sits on the Board of Directors as the Past President.   She has been a member of CAPA for the last few years. In early 2021, she became a CAPA certified judge and has enjoyed judging competitions for CAPA Club members.   



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