Bio and Portfolio – CAPA 1st Vice-President

Bio and Portfolio - CAPA 1st Vice-President

Internationally multi-awarded Photographer and Digital Creative, acclaiming the distinction of Master of Light (Montenegro MoL), Shiree Jetha, known as Photographer At Heart, is a Lifetime Diamond & Master level Photographer. She has exhibited in North America and Europe, with regular installations in Toronto.

As a photojournalist, Shiree’s oeuvre of work, is centric on travel and candid street (including environmental portraiture), action-sport, visual documentary multimedia like photo essays, short docs, time lapsing and cinemagraphs, as well as minimalistic architectural. As a lens-based surreal artist, her passion, is in the genre of creative altered-reality compositing. She implements her signature style, as she likes to call it ‘artography’ – where art techniques meet her photographs in the grand suite of Adobe. Her cross-platforming technique results in thoughtfully executed narratives, in fantasy and whimsical ways, with undertones of her eclectic avant-garde personality.

She travels to various worldwide locales, both mainstream and remote, the latter being her preference. She has lived in 6 countries and traveled to over 100. Her most memorable are exploring 30,000 km of the Himalayas from North India to Tibet, including Mount Everest, the Kingdom of Tonga, Samoa, and Papua New Guinea remain close to her heart.

Shiree freelanced as a visual journalist at Happy and Wellness Magazine in her early professional career, quickly advancing to writer and lead photographer at Photo World New York, NYIP (2011). She is the Director & CEO of Creative Works Inc. with an international clientele such as UPS and Best Buy. During this time, she authored her first book. Then, on a public platform, she hosted the world-famous post-production educator, Matt Kloskowski, aka Matt K. Thereafter, Shiree was invited to join her mentor: the talented and renowned Photoshop guru, Aaron Nace together with Phlearn and Adobe, to co-host 10 shows to their global audience of 1.5 million people, live from Chicago!

Currently, she is a member of the Toronto Digital Photo Group and, the famed Toronto Camera Club for being the oldest photographic club in Canada (est.1888), where she co-chaired and revamped the Lecture Series for two years, is an Evaluator on the Image Evaluation Committee, does regular Photoshop demos on Creative Compositing and AV Shows, mentors greenhorn photographers, teaches post-production techniques gratis, together with portfolio reviews, in her own “Stop, Drop And Photoshop” initiative. She is the recipient of the rare and prestigious George Butt Award for Outstanding Contribution and Service, 2018-2019.

Shiree is an alumnus of Oxford Brookes University (UK), the Toronto Metropolitan University’s Fine Art program in Documentary Media (Photography and Film); the New York Institute of Photography (Professional Photography and Photojournalism); overlapped by several Adobe certification courses in Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Illustrator, from Seneca College, Phlearn and Master Class. She is awaiting certification as a CAPA & O3C judge and is a lifetime member of FIAP and the Professional Photographer’s Society of New York State.

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