April 2021 Prairie Zone News

Regina Photo Club

 A member of the Regina Photo Club recently had an opportunity to photograph a Bald Eagle at Wascana Lake in the centre of Regina. The Eagles migrate north to their nesting grounds in the boreal forest as soon as  there is some open water to feed on fish. This brief and rare stop in the centre of the city during the eagle migration provided Ken Dumont this photo opportunity. On the first sighting, the lighting and conditions on an evening for photography was poor. The next morning found the eagle hunting fish on an open area upon the lake. The eagle was in a location were a long lens made unobstructed photography possible. Ken was able to shoot photos for a 35–40 minute time period, with photos of the eagle waiting, flying to the prey, fishing, eating and taking the fish in flight.

Ken currently is using a canon 90D with a Sigma 100-400 5-6.3.  The camera settings were shutter priority, white balance was cloudy, ISO 100 and shutter 1600, spot metering will center focus zone and auto focus AL Focus, in burst mode during this shoot, and at 10:30 in the morning (best time day for light).

Photos and background information from Ken Dumont, edited by Larry Easton

Bald Eagle  2
Bald Eagle  4
Bald Eagle  3
Bald Eagle  1



Inspiring Photography Creativity During a Pandemic  by Larry Easton

As we move forward during the pandemic disrupting just about everyday life, people are finding new ways to move forward. Photographers also must find new ways to be creative. With social distancing and photo club lockdowns, many of us have had to change our photography habits. As photographers there are many options to moving forward while staying home more. Personally this has given me time to do some things photographically that we in the pre pandemic  just got set aside.

I now have more time to do editing photo files, whether digital or film. This includes titles and updating a filing system. In doing this you may also find older photos forgotten about or couldn’t find.

Depending on the purpose of the photos, I had previously set up some of my prime file systems by locations, vacations by year and locations, family, photo outing, competitions, events, subject, and publishing assignments for books, etc.

As most of you will know, digital files also have meta data information on date and time a photo was taken so is easy to track dates. I also back up all digital images on an external hard drives.

While isolating I have been putting together a few puzzles and exchanging them with other family members. You may have noticed puzzle stocks had been sold out.  This led to selecting some favorite photos locations and made a photo mosaic of Saskatchewan 20′ x 30″ using 71 photos from general geographic areas of the province.  The largest puzzle I could have printed was  a 1000 piece puzzle made which was laid out 27″ x 17.5″, so did some cropping and resizing.  I have since made another puzzle. Both were printed a London Drugs but can be done at other locations also.