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Outstanding news and congratulations goes to our own Anita Teljeur for her image entitled, “Illuminatis” that took the coveted “Best In Show” award and a CAPA Gold Medal!!

Also congratulations to Gerry Hiebert who won a Bronze 3rd Place Medal in the individual submissions for his image entitled, “Holiday Warmth”.

APAC is collaborating with The Fraser Valley Conservancy (FVC) in exploring the topic of climate change in the Fraser Valley.

At our Program Night on March 21st the coordinator of The FVC’s new Close to Home program Laura Brodey spoke to APAC about climate change and the FVC. We did a breakout brainstorming session on photography and its role and had a first look at some of the images being collected so far.

As photographers,our great observational skills are important for this, along with our ability to communicate these realities in ways that touch people’s hearts and minds.

Members have already contributed over 150 relevant images into the galleries and we will continue to do so as we explore new ways to partner with the FVC in the near future.

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