2022 – 2023 Competition News & Updates

2022 – 2023 Competition News & Updates

All our 2022 – 2023 competitions have been updated and two new competitions have been added: Photo Journalism and Fall/Winter.

To avoid disappointments, it is imperative that all photographers review and comply with each scope of competition prior to submitting their images.

Reduced Number of Image Submissions

With many of our competitions receiving over 1,000 submitted images, the management of multiple themes and judging teams has become a logistical challenge.

To minimize these impacts, we have decided to reduce the total images submissions for individual CAPA members from 4 to 3 images.

Individual CAPA member submissions have represented 70 – 75% of total submissions for our national competitions.

Camera clubs will continue to upload 6 images from 6 different photographers. Only exception for club submissions is for our Atlantic and Prairie zone competitions.

Clarification In Using Artificial Intelligence For Photo Competitions

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence in the creation and enhancement of photographic images, we have updated our CAPA Eligibility Criteria webpage:

  • For the purposes of our competitions, a photographic image is defined “as being a captured image on a light-sensitive device (e.g. film camera, digital camera, smartphone, tablet, etc…) and recorded on film or in a digital format”.
  • An artificial intelligence (AI) generated image is not deemed to be a photographic image because it was created from scratch by the AI system and contains no image captured by the entrant. Therefore, this type of image will not be accepted into our competition.
  • Use of AI features contained within a post processing application (e.g. masking, sharpening, de-noise, enlarging, etc…) are permitted in our competitions provided they comply with a competition’s editing criteria and do not contain any elements which were not captured by the entrant (e.g. texture, sky, etc…). Potential winning images may be required to have supporting images (sky, texture, etc…which must have been captured by the submitting photographer) submitted on request by the Director of Competitions.

Most Recently Added Winners Webpages

Competitions Now Open For Uploading of Images

The following competitions are now open and images can be uploaded:

  • 2022 Pacific Zone Competition (closes October 1, 2022)
  • 2022 Nature Competition (closes October 15, 2022)