2021 Pacific Zone

Bronze Medal Crescent Beach Photography Club Ronald Kelman A Partnership Of Love And Trust
Bronze Medal Crescent Beach Photography Club Rob Donaldson Abandoned
Bronze Medal Sen Yang Action
Honour Award Laura Ranallo Morning Rituals
1st Merit Award Norm Dougan Mating Dance

Scope of Competition

This is an open theme with an emphasis of “highlighting life in British Columbia and in the Yukon.”

As an open theme – animals, birds, insects, landscape, nature, people and wildlife are permitted as well as creative composite images.

For this competition, we are seeking your best image(s).

Competition Details (click for more)
Editing Criteria

Eligibility Criteria – Prior to submitting any photo in a CAPA competition, all entrants must first read the CAPA Eligibility Criteria relating to images submissions. – READ ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA HERE

Open Editing – All different in-camera, on-camera and post-processing techniques can be used.  All elements contained in the submitted images must have been taken by the submitting photographer. Elements contained in an image can be removed but elements cannot be added.

Colour or black & white or monochrome or infrared images are permitted.

Image Size -Dimensions

You must ensure your image is re-sized to meet the following two parameters:

    1. Saved as a jpg image with a maximum file size of 1.8 MB.
    2. Dimensions: Maximum horizontal size: 1400 pixels and maximum vertical size: 1050 pixels.

Note: Images smaller than the maximum dimensions will ONLY be accepted when one of the image edges has a horizontal size is 1400 pixels or the vertical size is 1050 pixels.  For example: square image – 1050 x 1050 pixels; landscape 1400 x 800 pixels; or portrait 700 x 1050 pixels.

Note: Images will NOT be rotated by the judges and will scored as submitted.

During the uploading process of your image, our online competition system will verify if the image is less than 1.8 MB and meets the two parameters.

If your image fails this verification process, you will receive an error message and it will appear below the upload image box.

Depending on the error message – you will need to either reduce the file size of the image to be 1.8 MB or less or re-size the dimensions of your image.  After doing so, please re-try uploading your image.

Suggestions – Use sRGB colour space for your image.  For colour accuracy: we strongly recommend that you calibrate your monitor to ensure colour accuracy from your monitor to the image projected to the judges.

Image Titles

When images are uploaded into a competition – you are required to enter the title of your image into the Title field.  Title can be in either  English or French or both.

An image title should be simple and introduce or set the mood or perspective for your image.


    • enter the name of the photographer or club name in the title field
    • include punctuation or symbols (such as / –_  , ; : ‘’ “” ! ? & $%*{} [ ] @ # &) or quotation marks in the title (For example: “Running_the_Roads-in/style
    • include punctuation or symbols in the filename (for example: dave/smith-“red rose!!!”..jpg)
Judging Criteria
  1. Image title should complement or contribute to the vision or message being presented in the image.
  2. Judges will award their scoring based on creative vision and the story telling value of an image along with the pictorial quality and technical quality (e.g. quality of execution, innovation, creativity, and ‘wow’ factor) as well as the degree that the image is within the “Scope-of-Theme.’

Competition Processes

Closing Date of Competition – October 1, 2021 at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

Open To – All paid-up individual CAPA members and camera clubs associated to CAPA in the Pacific Zone (British Columbia & Yukon)

Two categories in this competition:– CAPA Pacific Zone ‘Individual’ Competition for only CAPA members and CAPA Pacific Zone ‘Club’ Competition for all camera clubs.

Individual CAPA members can upload a maximum of 4 images. Camera clubs can upload a maximum 6 photos but all images must be from different photographers.

For each category, there will be three Merit Award e-certificates presented for the three highest scoring individual images and three CAPA medals will be awarded for the three highest overall accumulated scores.

How To Enter Competition – check out our How To Upload Images To CAPA Competition here.

Competition Coordinator– CAPA Assistant Director of Competitions – Cheryl Bramble – cbramble@shaw.ca